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Vegetable Mix

50% Premium Garden Blend Soil, 25% Certified Organic Cow Manure, 25% Organic Compost
Vegetable Mix is designed specifically to be used in new vegie & herb gardens. It can also be used in annual and rose beds.

Vegetable mix needs to be topped up every 12 – 24 months or you can top up a little at every crop rotation.  As the vegies use up the compost and manure it needs replacing. We recommend topping up with a 50:50 mix of cow manure and organic compost or a 50:50 mix of cow manure and mushroom compost.

· Vegetable and Herb gardens
· Annuals and Rose gardens

Certified Organic Compost

Organic Compost

100% Organic Compost
Organic Compost contains plant matter that has been decomposed naturally. It is rich in nutrients and helps improve impoverished soils, as well as helping to retain moisture. Organic compost is suitable and safe for use with natives.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the recycled nature of this product, it may contain occasional rubbish and other inorganic material.

· Rose, Vegetable and Herb gardens
· Native gardens
· Aerated through the base of a new lawn before adding Lawn Mix

Bulk Potting Mix

· High Quality
· Humus enriched
· Includes Peat for water and nutrient retention
· Contains a complete Starter fertilizer to encourage healthy roots and foliage

Our Bulk Potting Mix is suited to a wide variety of general plant groups including indoor and outdoor use for pots, tubs, window and planter boxes. We also recommend top dressing with a controlled release fertiliser suited to the plant types grown for long term feeding.

Certified Organic Cow Manure

Cow manure is an excellent addition to all gardens and soil mixes. Cow manure works as a soil conditioner, opening up the soil and adding humus. It supplies major fertiliser elements and will not affect your pH like Mushroom Compost. The feedlot from where our cow manure is sourced is involved in the export of livestock and cannot, by law, use hormonal growth promotants. Therefore, the manure is free of artificial and chemical contaminants. Strict management procedures are adhered to regarding husbandry and feed quality control.

Garden Blend

70% screened soil, 20% Compost, 10% Chicken manure
pH 6 – 7
Ideal as a base soil. Garden Blend provides the answer to impoverished soils, or areas where recent building has left topsoil either removed or covered in rubble.

· Creating new garden beds
· Enriching poor quality soils
Note: Some batches may contain small foreign particles which cause NO harm to soil or plants

Lawn Mix

An excellent sand-based soil mixed with sufficient organic material to maintain a friable nature with good moisture and nutrient holding potential. Ideal for lawns.

· Perfect base for instant turf or raising new lawn seed
· Good for top-dressing existing lawns

Mushroom Compost

80% straw, wood shavings, horse and fowl manure, 10% gypsum, 10% peat and limestone
A by-product of the mushroom growing trade, Mushroom Compost is rich in organic matter and manures. Excellent for soil improvement in most soil types.

· For mixing with existing garden soils, especially annual, rose and vegetable gardens.
· As a component of other soil mixes.
· Note: Never to be used with acid-loving plants.

Zoo Manure

Coming from Melbourne Zoo at Parkville, this very environmentally friendly soil conditioner is great for the garden. Zoo Manure is made from the collected elephant, zebra and giraffe droppings mixed with straw from their dens. It is then composted, heat treated and turned over to create an excellent mix ready to dig through your garden immediately. This process means the end product is weed free and safe for your garden, and it gives Melbourne Zoo an environmentally friendly waste disposal solution.

Zoo manure is an effective way to boost the organic matter in your soil. It is low in phosphorus and safe to use around natives.

· Vegetable and Herb gardens
· Native gardens
· Cottage gardens

Limited stock is available due to the supply.

Budget Soil Mix

A local screened soil without any organic matter added. This can be used for topping up large areas.

Without any fertilisers, this low in phosphorus soil can be used around natives. Mixing with Organic Compost will provide a suitable and nutritious base.

This is also an appropriate soil to use under turf for the budget conscious.


how much is the

Vegetable Mix

per cubic meter?

julian_BAAG moderator

@ScottHulley Hi Scott. We don't quote prices on our website as they vary according to quantity and delivery zones. For all price queries please phone 8850 3030. Alternatively you can email the yard direct at