Jan 312010

We are very excited to announce the arrival of our own Bulleen Art and Garden brand Certified Organic Potting Mix. It has taken us over a year to achieve certification with NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia), a process that was very important to us. The word ‘Organic’ is flung around quite a lot these days, and we wanted to make sure that we could offer our customers the highest standard for a brand with our name on it. The process for NASAA certification is very strict and time consuming, so you can be sure that the Potting Mix is genuinely Certified Organic. It also complies with Australian Standards for Composts and Mulches (AS4454).

BAAG Certified Organic Potting Mix is toxin free and made from environmentally sustainable organic materials, making it ideal for growing herbs and vegies. It contains composted manure, composted seaweed and worm castings as well as an extensive range of trace elements, amino acids and naturally occuring growth stimulants. It promotes healthy microbiology, plant growth and disease resistance.

How much Potting Mix do I need?
1/2 Wine Barrel – 90 litres
500mm (20″) pot – 40 litres
400mm (16″) pot – 30 litres
300mm (12″) pot – 20 litres
250mm (10″) pot – 10 litres
200mm (8″) pot – 5 litres
150mm (6″) pot – 2 litres
75mm (avg. tube) – 0.3 litres

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