BAAG COVID-19 Updates

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Jul 222020

The well-being, health and safety of both our customers and our staff
are the most important things to BAAG right now. We are open and
delivering as per our normal trading hours and staff are regularly
being updated with the latest Health Department information.

In line with Victorian guidelines we are strictly enforcing ‘no mask – no entry’ at BAAG. If you are
planning to visit us please be sure to have a mask or face covering with you. While visiting us we
ask that you be polite and respectful to staff and each other, practice social distancing,
good hygiene and make use of our the hand sanitiser we have provided.

If you are feeling unwell PLEASE DO NOT VISIT BAAG. Our toiletsremain closed until further notice, so please go before you come down!

We have implemented a contactless, no-cash payment system for the
foreseeable future.

We will only be accepting payments by EFT, Mastercard or Visa.