Mar 182020

Are we open? Yes… until further notice we are open as normal.

Current Vegie Seedlings Status – We have a FULL range of winter vegetable seedlings available. All is back to normal at last!

Classes and workshops are now on line (zoom) and the first 3 classes have nearly sold out – a couple of spaces left, but never fear, more are on the way. Angelo is our presenter, and is rapidly mastering all things zoom.

We have implemented a No-Cash payment system for the foreseeable future. We will only be accepting payments by EFT, Mastercard or Visa. This is for the safety of both our staff and customers.

Staff are regularly being updated with the latest Health Department information and we are re-inforcing hygiene and social distancing. At this stage we have had no staff or customer report an infection to us and BAAG will be open and delivering as per our normal trading hours.