Apr 302015

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden

New Kid On The Block!

We are very excited to announce that the latest addition to our very own potting mix range arrived today. BAAG Premium Potting Mix takes its place in the lineup alongside our own brand Organic and Terracotta and Tub Potting Mixes. Once again it features the wonderful artwork of our very own Jodie Barakat! It comes in a huge 40 litre bag, contains controlled release fertiliser and re-wetting agent and is manufactured to the Premium Australian Potting Mix Standard.

How much Potting Mix do I need?
1/2 Wine Barrel – 90 litres
500mm (20″) pot – 40 litres
400mm (16″) pot – 30 litres
300mm (12″) pot – 20 litres
250mm (10″) pot – 10 litres
200mm (8″) pot – 5 litres
150mm (6″) pot – 2 litres
75mm (avg. tube) – 0.3 litres