Jan 312010

After seeing how much our customers loved the BAAG Certified Organic Potting Mix, he have decided to expand the range of our BAAG branded products. The newest addition to our range is BAAG Terracotta & Tub Potting Mix. Like the Certified Organic Mix, we have used artwork by BAAG staff member Jodie Barakat, so you will be able to spot the new bags without too much trouble. Look out for the Ladybird!

Bulleen Terracotta & Tub Mix contains a complete starter fertiliser to encourage healthy roots and foliage. It is enriched with high quality humus and peat for water and nutrient retention.

This mix is suited to a wide variety of general plant groups including indoor and outdoor use for pots, tubs, window and planter boxes.

How much Potting Mix do I need?
1/2 Wine Barrel – 90 litres
500mm (20″) pot – 40 litres
400mm (16″) pot – 30 litres
300mm (12″) pot – 20 litres
250mm (10″) pot – 10 litres
200mm (8″) pot – 5 litres
150mm (6″) pot – 2 litres
75mm (avg. tube) – 0.3 litres