Nov 232017

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden

24 November to 24 December 2017

Once again we will be having a mixed and varied exhibition of works from some of our favourite artists in our gallery. You can choose a unique gift for someone special, or treat yourself at Christmas. There will be Christmas wreaths by Robyn Norris; mosaic sculptures by Jenny Overton and Mary McMahon; baskets constructed using machine embroidery by Carly Leech; quirky ceramic sculpture by Ann Maree Gentile, Raine Edwards and Meredith Plain; sculpted pots paired with succulents by Jack Latti; distinctive ceramic works by LeneKuhl Jakobsen, Sue McCormick and Jenny Stokes. Darren Gilbert, Nicola Hoyle, Tim Read and Melissa Thomas will all be bringing in new metal sculpture. Some of the larger sculptures will make up the display in the new sculpture Garden and some will be part of the gallery exhibition.

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