Jun 262016

Confidor Tablets

Active ingredient Imidacloprid

Marketed as Confidor, complete bug and insect spray, or systemic insecticide.

Imidacloprid is a persistent systemic insecticide, useful for treating difficult to kill pests. However, there is an increasing groundswell of concern over its use due to a possible link with Bee Colony Collapse Disorder. It is believed that the systemic nature of the insecticide allows it to manifest in the flowers, and bees harvesting the pollen are affected.

Taking a very conservative approach, we no longer recommend the use of Confidor except in very specific instances.

Indoor plants: We consider using confidor tablets are a suitable response for Spider Mites and other insect problems in indoor plants because:

• The tablet is pushed into the soil rather than spraying insecticides in an indoor environment
• Bees generally do not go indoors
• Most indoor plants do not flower.