Aug 072016

Licuala peltata var sumawongii

How to keep them thriving indoors in Melbourne!

Please Note: The information below is specific to this particular variety. For more detailed notes on the general growing conditions required for all Indoor Plants, check out our ‘Growing Indoor Plants Successfully’ factsheet.

Dramatic and completely gorgeous, huge almost circular pleated fronds borne on slender stems. A truly spectacular palm. Being potted will keep it somewhat smaller, between 1-2m. Perfect when wanting to add drama or flair.

Keep potting mix moist and well mulched.

Bright indirect light. If putting outside in summer – choose a shady spot.

Temperature and Humidity
Suited to normal indoor temperatures, if putting outside for periods, avoid the Melbourne winter or any cold snaps.

Apply slow release fertiliser at half the normal rate, supplement with liquid fertiliser during a growth period (summer usuially).

Keep away from winds – or they will shred the leaves, and lets be honest – with this palm, it is all about the leaves.

Scale, mealy bugs and mites can occasionally be a problem. Spray with neem oil occasionally as a preventative and treatment. If insects persist, use confidor tablets.