Apr 092018

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden

BAAG will once again be supporting the Garden Releaf program in 2018 with Garden Releaf day on Saturday April 14. Focusing on the benefits of plants and gardens to enrich our lives, BAAG will be exploding with colour, plenty of fun activities and informative events across the day (and the weekend). The aim is to encourage people to get into their garden and get planting.

Gardens and colour continue to prove to be beneficial for positive mental health and wellbeing, so Garden Releaf day will be themed around Colour for Health. BAAG will be bursting with colour and beautiful plants, and we will once again support beyond blue through fund raising activities in the lead up to and on the day. Click through to see what’s happening at BAAG.

What’s on at Bulleen Art and Garden:

* Loads of fabulous colour, flowers, indoor plants and unique garden art to inspire you to get in a garden.

* The Beyondblue Bloomin’ Bargain Bench, selling loads of our last seasons stock from 2017 at heavily discounted prices, with all proceeds to be donated to beyondblue

* GOLD Coin Donation for Giftwrapping, all proceeds to be donated to beyondblue

* GARDEN CLUB MEMBERS (you can join over the week end if you are not already) for a Gold Coin Donation can enter a draw to win one of three BAAG Gift Vouchers, $100, $50, and $25. All donations to go to the Beyond Blue foundation.

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