Oct 252015

A small patch of green lawn in the front or back yard provides a versatile space that can be enjoyed year round, softens and reduces the impact of extreme weather while decreasing water runoff from hard surfaces into our rivers and creeks.

The choice of either or combination seed, plugs or instant turf depends on if you are rejuvenating or starting from scratch, the type of grass, your budget and time and effort that you would like to invest in creating your lawn. As a general rule seeds and plugs can be used for rejuvenating or establishing a new lawn but do take a longer period to establish while instant turf is used for new lawns, is quicker to establish but is more expensive.

Bulleen Art & Garden stocks and recommends the lawn varieties:

Native Weeping Grass (Microlaena stipoides)
Available only in seed and indigenous tubes. An Australian native grass variety that is well suited to a range of conditions, tolerating medium traffic levels once established.

The features of Native Weeping grass
* Versatile – can be used in formal to more natural style gardens
* Low/no fertiliser regime
* Minimal water requirements
* Ideal for sun or shade
* Extremely drought tolerant

Soft Leaf Buffalo
Available only in plugs and instant turf.

Soft Leaf Buffalo is a strong, tough creeping grass suited to both sun and shade. Buffalo is a warm season grass that remains green throughout the year.
The features of Soft Leaf Buffalo
* Mow to 40mm high
* Low fertiliser regime
* Ideal for sun or shade
* Extremely drought tolerant
* Tolerates a fair amount of traffic
* Only available October to March
* A creeping grass that is easily contained

Available in seed, plugs and instant turf.

Couch is a warm season spreading grass that is ideal for around pools or households with dogs. Best suited to full sun and will stay lush and green throughout the warmer months but goes dormant through winter showing a pale green to yellow colour.
The features of Couch
* Hard wearing turf
* Can be mown low
* Very disease and pest resistant
* Ideal for around pools or households with dogs

Tall Fescue
Available in seed, plugs and instant turf.
Tall Fescue has been developed for those who want to have a quality lawn to enjoy, without having to spend hours looking after it. It consists of turf type Tall Fescue, a deep rooting grass type which enables the lawn to extract all available moisture and nutrients from the soil. The use of Tall Fescue can result in reduced water bills, minimal fertiliser and will look great throughout the year. Tall Fescue tolerates hot, dry regions and can withstand up to 80% shade.

The features of Tall Fescue
* Evergreen
* Hard wearing
* Low water use
* Requires minimal maintenance

RTF Easicare™ (Rhizomatous Tall Fescue)
Available only in instant turf
This new type of tall fescue has all the attributes of standard tall fescues. The advantage over other tall fescues is it ability to repairing itself if any damage does occur. This is achieved through runners that form underneath the surface, similar to many of the warm season grasses.

Premium Bluegrass
Available only in seed or instant turf

Premium Bluegrass is our prestige lawn for those homeowners who want a luxurious, deep green lawn. It consists of Kentucky Bluegrass, and turf type Perennial Ryegrass, combining to form a hardwearing lawn for any application. Premium Bluegrass also has the ability to repair itself from minor damage.
The features of Premium Bluegrass
* Fine Leaf
* Evergreen
* Deep green
* Moderate wearing
* Soft and luxurious

Preparation is the key to a successful new lawn

Preparing the area before the turf arrives:

* Remove existing vegetation either manually or via herbicide or boiling water.

* Dig or rotary hoe to a depth of 100-150mm, on clay soil spread Gypsum 1-2 kg per square metre. Spread lawn mix to a depth of 25-50mm.

* Level to existing pathways and rake an even surface -allow a gap of approximately 2cm for the turf root layer.

* Lightly roll and water the area into a firm surface ready for your instant lawn.

When the turf arrives

* Lightly water the prepared area

* Roll out your instant lawn in a brickwork pattern

* Push individual strips together firmly – do not stretch the instant lawn

* Lay across any slopes not up and down.

* Cut turf with a sharp knife around garden beds and paths.

* Lightly roll the area to ensure good contact between turf roots and soil.

* Spread lawn starter fertiliser at recommended rate (add lime if your soil is acidic)

* If laying Buffalo, spread 10 mm of Lawn mix onto the turf and then roll. This will help achieve the maximum soil contact and prevent drying

* Water immediately to saturate grass mat and wet underneath soil.

* The turf should be first mown at 6-7 weeks or when the grass grows over 10cm.

* Mow at the highest setting and no lower than 4-5cm.

* Fertilise after 2 months with a balanced slow released lawn food eg 12-4-8 N-P-K