Nectarine – Nectazee Standard

Nectarine - Nectazee Standard

Of the fruit trees growing at BAAG, one that stands out as a great plant selection is the Nectazee standard at the front entrance (our north eastern parterre bed). Nectazee standards are part of the Fleming’s Trixzie miniature fruit tree range which is made up of Nectazee Nectarines, Pixzee Peaches, White and Black Cherree Cherries and Pixzee Pears. Like most other dwarf fruit trees, barring dwarf pomegranates which are ornamental anyway, these produce full sized fruit on miniature sized trees.

Regular Nectazee trees are 1.5m x 1.5m, whereas Nectazee standards, like the one we have planted here at BAAG, are grafted to 1m tall rootstock, increasing their height to 2.5m. Both edible and ornamental, these grafted standards or “lollypop” shaped trees can fill that 2-3 m height level in a garden bed (hard to do for a tree!), whilst allowing you enough room to grow small shrubs and ground covers underneath. Another endearing characteristic of these trees is their ability to hide their treasure, surprising you with their gleaming orbs when you peek underneath their long weeping leaves (pictured). I suppose the only drawback that we’ve found of ours is that it doesn’t seem resistant to brown rot, so remember to spray as you would for the fungal disease peach leaf curl and dispose of any mummified fruit if your tree does get affected and you should be right.

The best time to plant these trees is in during bare root season or in winter when the trees are dormant, so to get a Nectazee standard in your garden don’t forget to include one in your winter planting schedule.

Nectarine - Nectazee Standard Nectarine - Nectazee Standard