Nov 262018

New work from some of our favourite artists (and also some new artists)

From 24th November

Works include a large metal Christmas Tree sculpture by new artist Issa Ouattara, Textiles by Carlie Leech, Jacie Malseed and new artist Bigitte Haldeman, Ceramic sculpture by Meredith Plain, Heather Wilson, Jack Latti, Ann Jackson, Raine Edwards, Ann Maree Gentile and Lee Goller, Pottery by Jane Dubsky and Jenny Stokes, Metal sculpture by Tim Read and Nicola Hoyle, new artists Tanya Korin and blacksmith Paul Cacioli and baskets by Jeanette Carter.

Make sure you come and have a wander through – to look for presents for those who like something unique and handcrafted, a special treat for yourself, or to escape the Christmas rush and see how others are using their creative skills.

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