Customer Plant Requests


Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden

Most nurseries no longer do special customer plant requests, but given the plant-a-holic nature of our customer base, and our plant besotted staff, we understand how intense the desire can be for certain plants, so we still offer this service.

We generally have between 200-400 customer orders on our books. Some we can get in 1-2 weeks, some take many months, and others we cannot source at all.

Our buyers hop on and off 30+ spec vans on a Monday, and go through dozens of wholesale lists each week looking for plants.

Orders go in Mondays and Tuesdays, and customers are contacted on Fridays if their plants have arrived. Plants are held in the reserve area for 2 weeks, after which they go into the nursery if uncollected.

We do not post plants – you need to come in and collect them. We will deliver (at a charge) to our local suburbs.

If you no longer want the ordered plant – you must call/email to cancel the order (email preferred).

You can call or email in your requests to the nursery as well as put in a request when you are at the nursery. Bulleen Art and Garden: (03) 88503030 or

When requesting a plant we need two forms of contact, preferably an email address and a phone number.

Deposits: Expensive plants or multiple numbers of the same plant will require a 50% deposit.