Design Consultancy


Design Consultancy

If you are starting with a blank slate or are preparing for a garden makeover, a Design Consultancy is the right option for you. Our design consultants can help you on your way to having your own beautiful, functional and sustainable garden.

What do I get?

Allowing you a little more time to go through your ideas and concerns to formulate a plan, our consultants can help you develop a strong theme or ‘look’ for your garden.

You can workshop design challenges such as creating privacy or working with limited space and discuss a selection of materials and plants to complement and enhance existing architecture.

Working with one of our fantastic consultants can give you the confidence to take the next big step of engaging a landscape or garden designer, architect or landscape contractor.

As with our garden consultancies, if you feel like it’s the right match and you wish to engage the consultant to develop sketches, detailed drawings or a full design, you can request a quote.

The Details

Design consultancies afford you 120 minutes with the consultant and cost $240. At the end of the consultancy you get three discount vouchers giving you 15% off plants and 7.5% off most other products at BAAG. If you and the consultant find you need more than the allocated 120 minutes, you can arrange to pay the consultant directly for extra time.

The Consultants

These consultants are available for Design Consultancies. Click their photo to read more about them and view a photo gallery of their work. Once you have chosen a consultant, fill in the form below.

Simon Marshall James Dawson Diana Cotter

IMPORTANT NOTE: While we do offer a very wide area of coverage, consultancies may not be available to some areas of Melbourne. If this applies to you we will be in touch within 3 business days to organise a refund to your card.

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When you press “Submit Form” you will be taken to a secure area where you can safely enter your credit card information and pay for the consultancy. Please note that until this payment is processed we will not proceed with the consultancy order. If you are not sure you want to go ahead with a consultancy please do not proceed beyond this page.

Travel surcharges may apply for some outlying suburbs. We will contact you if this charge applies to you (and how much) so you won’t get any nasty surprises on the day. If you decide you do not wish to pay an extra surcharge we will happily refund your money.