Oct 022012

Composting (Photograph by Bulleen Art & Garden)

Composting is a natural biological process, which converts wastes to rich organic humus. This process is carried out by organisms, both microscopic and larger, including bacteria, fungi, worms and insects.

Apart from the obvious benefits that compost has in our gardens, we should all remember that the natural biological process of composting converts wastes to rich organic humus… that means it’s extremely environmentally friendly.

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Sep 202012

Curly Parsley (Photograph by Bulleen Art & Garden)

Parsley can be a bit ubiquitous. It turns up as a garnish on all manner of dishes from salads to steaks and everything in between. But don’t write it off… parsley is incredibly good for you (not to mention being an excellent cure for bad breath).

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Sep 142012

We have a great selection of Antique Tools and various collectables here at Baag. Items include great old tools, signs, tin cans, deer antlers and old wooden boxes. They are just some of the collectables in stock at present, come down and have a look at the fantastic display in our gift shop.

All of the tools are for sale, and they all work! Buy recycled tools and enjoy the long-lasting quality that is so hard to come by now.

Sep 092012

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden

Smoky-grey leaves, a weeping habit and a stunning display of bright yellow flowers make this the perfect choice for medium sized yards. It will survive in very dry conditions and grows to around 10m tall. It is quite an upright tree (will grow to around 3m across) so you don’t need an enormous bush block to throw one in. They prefer a well drained soil and do not like to be over-watered. I planted this one the week my daughter was born and she turns four next month… it is now around 4m tall and looks beautiful as the feature tree in the backyard.

How great do these flowers look? The bees love them, and so will you.

Sep 092012

Heritage Apples (Photograph by Bulleen Art & Garden)

Are you into produce and like walking? Then you should combine the two and join us for a Produce Walk Thursday October 11th from 6pm until 7pm. Discover the diverse range of plants that are planted in our driveway garden ‘Edible Alley’. The talk is free, but bookings are required. Please book at the front desk or by phone or email… 8850 3030 or info@baag.com.au

Sep 072012

We are very proud to have been selected as a finalist in the Small & Medium Enterprises category of the prestigious 2012 Premier’s Sustainability Awards.

These awards recognise sustainability initiatives by individuals and organisations across Victoria and acknowledge leadership, innovation and achievement in the business, government, community, tertiary education and built environment fields. The awards are managed by Sustainability Victoria and are now in their 10th year. Winners will be announced on Tuesday 2 October… wish us luck!

Sep 032012

Raised Garden Beds (Photograph by Bulleen Art & Garden)

Raised Garden Beds allow you to grow your own herbs and vegetables easily and comfortably. It doesn’t matter what your existing soil quality is like, you can now grow in quality, productive and water efficient soil and cut out most of the back-breaking digging.

The soil will never become compacted and your produce garden will produce healthier crops. You will also be conserving water and recycling organic household waste, not to mention the satisfaction of feeding your family from your own home produce. They are lightweight and easily moved around your garden when they are empty… perfect for renters who want to grow their own produce. Just empty them and take them with you when you move.

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Aug 242012

Silverbeet (Photograph by Liz - http://suburbantomato.com/ - used with permission)

Although distant cousins, silverbeet and spinach have similar growing needs (not to mention taste). Both are easy to grow in the right spot, although spinach will struggle in really hot spots. Good looking and good for you, these two tasty treats are vegie patch winners!

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Aug 232012

Sunday 2nd September, 4:00 – 5:00pm. Explore Bulleen Art & Garden’s Yarra River long term revegetation site. This is a unique flood-plain habitat and urban wildlife corridor and providing links for a range of native birds and animals within the urban environment and beyond. The walk will start at Bulleen Art & Garden (meet at 3:45), 6 Manningham Rd West, Bulleen (Melway 33 F10). There is no charge, but bookings are essential on 8850 3030 or info@baag.com.au. Bring sturdy shoes and your family / friends!

Aug 212012

We do not all have access to large sunny gardens or even any garden at all. If you would like to grow food at home but feel like you don’t have the room, don’t despair.

If you have a small garden there are many ways to grow food, using raised beds, pots, window boxes and hanging baskets. Easy to grow crops such as salad leaves, Asian greens and herbs will grow happily in pots, and if you have room for a raised garden bed, then you can grow an even larger variety of vegetables.
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Aug 162012

Once prized for their antiseptic and medicinal properties, marjoram and oregano and now fairly common in Australian kitchens and gardens and with good reason. They are both easy to grow, gorgeous to look at and incredibly tasty. Oregano, due to its spreading habit, is also an excellent ‘living weed mat’, giving you a tasty plant that does the weeding for you.

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Aug 092012

At the moment in our gift shop we have a great range of highly decorative Moroccan style lanterns with gorgeous colored glass. These lanterns come in various shapes and styles and they operate with a single tea light. Perfect for that next family gathering outside.

Aug 012012

I know… you hate broad beans. Perhaps they were served to you as a kid… boiled to within an inch of their lives, until they were the colour, taste and texture of cardboard.

But have you tried eating them when they are picked young? Take them from their pod before the tough coat has had a chance to form on the beans. They are the colour of fresh spring leaves, and are light in flavour. There’s nothing better than cooking up some spaghetti or fettuccine, toss this in a hot pan with fresh broad beans, garlic, sea salt, olive oil, ground pepper, some anchovies and serve with shaved parmesan. Mmmm… a true spring treat.

Broad beans are great to grow in autumn and winter. Mature plants are frost hardy too. Sow them from late summer through autumn and winter. The beans take 3 months to mature, so you’ll normally have your broad bean eating frenzy in spring. Plant them in blocks so the plants support each other, and you may need to tie string around them to keep them upright (especially in the case of the taller varieties). Broad beans are easy when planted from seed. They are large seeds, so they are easy to handle (great for kids!) and you get loads from a pack. Plant the seeds 5cm deep and water them in well. You won’t need to water them again until you see their heads pop up (unless it’s abnormally hot or windy.)

Broad beans are not hungry crops, so you only need to lightly manure the soil. Sprinkle around some dolomite or garden lime and fork through the soil. Pinching out the tips after the first flowers appear will encourage the pods to set.

I love the broad bean flowers, they’re white and black. So very unusual. You can also get a crimson flowered variety from Diggers seeds. (see the pic above for how great they look!)

Two tried and true old fashioned varieties are:

Aquadulce – has long, well filled pods with a nutty flavour.

Coles Dwarf – A heavy cropper with long pods to 20cm but on a shorter plant, may not need tying if planted into a block.

Jul 282012

New to BAAG this week are fantastic old vintage painted metal school / cinema chairs from Sth East Asia. These chairs are very sturdy yet lightweight and would look great in a study, bedroom or as spare seating for that next family gathering either inside or out.

For more fantastic gift ideas visit our Giftshop Page.