Apr 302019

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden

Autumn foliage at its most stunning. The cold days and nights bring out the deep reds, translucent oranges and butter yellows in our wonderful deciduous trees. Take the time to enjoy autumn’s late flowering salvias, wonderful quince fruit (with their heady scent) and savour the late season apples. Take a bolt to the Dandenongs and combine autumn colours with early flowering camellias. I just love this last hurrah before winter. So rug up and enjoy May in your garden!

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Apr 182019

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden

Another day at the Arty Farty Festival in partnership with the Banyule Sustainability Hub where BAAG staff members Kat, Nicole and Amy did a workshop of how you can grow your seeds in pots made from old newspapers, and reducing waste overall by growing some of your herbs and vegies from seed. We love supporting this festival not only because it is out local community, but also because it is artistic, creative and fun!

Great to see lots of our friends down there who called over to say hello, and we made lots of new friends too, including Sam, who had the amazing Butterfly Adventure tent in a stall next to us.

Apr 172019

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden

Plant tiles create stunning, alternative lawns and outdoor solutions instantly at half the cost of using traditional pots! Each tile covers the same area as ten traditional 100mm pots. As the plants grow, the roots bind the media together so that the Plant Tiles can be removed from the tray then laid on the area you have prepared. If required, simply cut to shape with scissors, then butt together and water in for complete coverage. Achieve full, green coverage instantly.
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Apr 122019

I love working in the garden. However when you have limited time and/or small children, sometimes the hard yakka you want to put into gardening is pushed down the list of priorities after changing nappies, making a kite, sticking feathers on a headband, doing the washing, walking to the playground…

So a few years ago my friend Ella and I started a fortnightly gardening group, to get our friends and their kids helping out in each other’s gardens – and finally do some of the things that had been waiting in line behind the nappies and feather headbands. We were also really conscious of how much our children loved helping in the garden, and we thought it would be a great environment for them to meet new friends and learn more about the earth!
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Apr 102019

The North East link process has been continuing, and we’ve actively been taking part. The EES (Environmental Effects) hearings spent 8 weeks looking into the impacts of NE link: tree removal, loss of open space, the complete loss of the Bulleen industrial precinct and the knock-on effect on over 100 small businesses and 1,000 jobs, and the many traffic and technical issues. We’re all still positive about the future of BAAG, but after two and a half years we still don’t have certainty!

But we’ve certainly had a lot of support, with 150 of the 850 submissions supporting the continuation of BAAG – this support was certainly noticed, and thanks are due to all those who took the time to either put in a submission or sign the petition. We really appreciate it and think it will help. We made quite a lengthy submission arguing that BAAG was of community benefit and should be retained under conditions where it can still operate successfully, and have requested that our site be excluded from a construction compound. There are no detailed designs for the project to date, but in a reference design that gives approximate project boundaries, BAAG is included within a potential construction compound.
You can see our submissions here and here.

We have also been recognised by a number of witnesses and submitters, but have had no official information from NELP. The committee is now assessing the evidence raised and will report to the minister within a couple of months – some businesses will find out if they will be acquired early next year, but others, potentially including BAAG, may need to wait until around October 2020 when detailed designs are released. We are also working on a number of committees associated with NE link and are optimistic about our future, but need to wait for certainty.

Apr 092019


Join us in our bug tent on Tuesday the 16th between 11:30am and 1:30pm for our Marvellous Minibeasts program. Your kids will learn how to feed and handle stick insects, butterflies, giant litter bugs, yabbies and more. Children will also have the opportunity to catch aquatic minibeasts and view bugs up close with microscopes to discover bug features and adaptations.
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Apr 022019

Peas (Pisum sativum) are cool season legumes grown for their pods and seeds, they’re part of the Fabaceae family, along with other legumes such as beans, chickpeas, and lentils.
Like the other members of this family, peas are nitrogen-fixing plants, with nodules along their roots in which symbiotic soil bacteria live. These bacteria convert nitrogen from the air into a form that plants can use as a nutrient.
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Apr 012019

How to clean and disinfect old ceramic and terracotta garden pots

Given enough time, even the best quality ceramic and terracotta garden pots can be marred by mould, dirt stains, watermarks and efflorescence (the salty white bloom that you sometimes see on the outside of them). And those old garden pots that have been sitting by the front door or parked under the back veranda for years are sure to be showing their age. This is all well and good if you’re after that relaxed shabby-chic style or into the “distressed” look. But if you need to give them a good clean-up and want to return some of their former glory, help is at hand. If your pots have a salty white bloom on the outside, the best thing to do is brush it off with a dry scrubbing brush. Don’t use any water at this stage as it can cause the salts to be reabsorbed by the pot.

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Mar 272019

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden

Our customer base is a pretty savvy and well informed one, and this is always reinforced in March and April as sales of native plants soar. Good gardeners are well aware that this is the ideal time to plant natives, and all of a sudden we are doubling orders for natives as they walk off the bench. The weather can still provide us with warm days in April, but without the hot sun and with rain happening or imminent it’s an ideal time for gardening and planting. Now is also the perfect time to start preparing your winter vegie patch. There’s plenty to do in the garden in April, so put summer behind you and get cracking!

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Mar 212019

We do not all have access to large sunny gardens or even any garden at all. If you would like to grow food at home but feel like you don’t have the room, help is at hand.

If you have a small garden, or even just a balcony, there are many ways to grow food, using raised beds, pots, window boxes and hanging baskets. Easy to grow crops such as salad leaves, strawberries, Asian greens and herbs will grow happily in pots, and if you have room for a raised garden bed, then you can grow an even larger variety of vegetables.
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Mar 122019

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden

Happy vibrant violas – easy to grow and easy to love.

Lower growing and more profusely flowering than pansies, their smaller flowers have the bright and bold colours associated with their larger cousins and are equally enchanting. They will flower most of the year, but avoid the summer sun, as excessive heat will make them yellow off. Great from early autumn all the way to the end of spring.
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Mar 022019

We really want to continue to operate on this site, supporting local artists and as a hub for our local community. We need to convince the EES panel that it is worth redesigning the construction compound so that we can stay and continue.

BAAG has been operating from this site for over 50 years, and under the current family ownership for 35 years. We are proud to be an integral part of the local community, and our approach is driven by a continued commitment to nurturing creativity and sustainability. We strive to inspire, enable and educate our community to live in a more environmentally sustainable way.

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Mar 012019

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden

BAAG will once again be supporting the Garden Releaf program in 2019 with Garden Releaf day on Sunday March 24. Focusing on the benefits of plants and gardens to enrich our lives, BAAG will be exploding with gardening ideas. The aim is to encourage people to get into their garden and get planting.

Get involved in a local community garden!

This year Bulleen Art & Garden will be holding a talk for people who would like to get involved in gardening, but who don’t have a garden of their own, as well as those who have thought about getting involved in a local community garden.

Marina Bistrin from MacLeod Organic Community Garden will be at Bulleen Art & Garden on Sunday 24th March at 11am to speak about what Community Gardens are in our local area, and how you can become involved.

Marina is very knowledgeable and is actively involved in many of the Community Gardens in our local area, and has a keen interest in cold composting and keeping things out of landfill. You may have heard of her if you subscribe to Local Food Connect, another valuable resource for local food and local gardens in our area, as she has had some articles published under the heading “Marina’s Musings”.

Half price blueberries all weekend!

All Blueberries at BAAG will be 50% off all weekend, with $1 from each Blueberry sold going directly to Beyond Blue. We will also be accepting donations for the talk and our gift wrapping service.

Feb 192019

Autumn is the best time to plant your winter vegetable garden. As the weather cools and the rain starts to fall more frequently it is a pleasure to get back into the garden, remove spent summer crops and plant vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, broad beans and peas. It is an advantage to start planting at the beginning of autumn as many winter vegetables require a long growing period. Read on for everything you need to do to ensure a bumper winter vegie crop.

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