New sculpture by Nicola Hoyle 30 October to 29th November 2020 An exhibition exploring shape and form, predominantly using steel.

Summer in your garden

Long summer evenings, friends over for dinner, weekends reading outside in the shade, gardening with the radio on…..finally summer is here.

BAAG is privileged to operate in one of the most culturally significant regions for art in Melbourne, often referred to as the Valley of the Arts. The two most important Australian art movements, the Heidelberg School and the Angry Penguins, originated in this area. Heide Museum of Modern Art, which is just across the park from BAAG is an iconic art venue.

Many vegetables grow well with other plants in the garden and, using a few basic principles, organic gardeners can really have nature on their side in the biological control of pests.

You will often hear lively discussions about the benefits of Live v Cut v Fake Christmas Trees. So which is the most environmentally friendly? If you Google the topic you will be inundated with hundreds of pages of research, but here’s a brief summary for those of you wanting the basic facts.

Most of us would see trees as purely cosmetic, put here to make the place look pretty… but they are so much more than that. They are a vital part of the ecosystem.

Sick of plants dying or being lost between the weeds? Mulching is something that we often don’t consider until the sun is beating down and all the moisture has been stripped from the soil or the weeds have taken over. Don’t wait until the height of summer to get started!

At BAAG we place a high importance on the parklands which surround us. We are fortunate to be located in an area with high environmental and cultural significance, and are keen to make our contribution to this important area. We have been a partner in numerous revegetation and public awareness projects in the local parklands for over 25 years.

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