Oct 202018

Bulleen Art & Garden is under serious threat from the proposed construction of the North-East Link. We are now asking our community help us to survive. BAAG is an innovative garden centre which provides a visitor experience not found anywhere else in Melbourne. Some people in the garden industry even say we are unique in the world with our focus on art, environment and a wide range of rare and unusual plants.

The planned path of the North East Link threatens the existence of not only Bulleen Art & Garden, but that of over 100 other local businesses… everything from pie makers to mechanics. Approximately 1000 jobs are at risk. Thanks to all who have signed our petition (It is below if you haven’t), but if you would still like to help there is more you can do.

Please help us by sending an email to NELA!

We are asking as many people as possible to send an email to the North East Link Authority and let them know why you think these businesses are vital to the local community. We know we don’t have to say this as all of our customers are wonderful… but please be nice when emailing! Reasoned and calm arguments always go further than anger!

You can email the North East Link Authority on this address: community@northeastlink.vic.gov.au

If you haven’t already done so, please help us by signing this petition and spreading the word to your friends and families. The petition is calling on the North East Link Authority to alter the proposed road’s path to ensure it does not impact BAAG.

A bit about BAAG!

We have been operating from 6 Manningham Rd West in Bulleen for the past 50 years, and under the current family ownership for over 35 years. BAAG is proudly an integral part of the local community and our approach is driven by a continued commitment to nurturing creativity and community. BAAG inspires, enables and educates our community to live in a more environmentally sustainable way.

BAAG is a 50 year old layer cake of art and gardening. We just celebrated our 50th birthday, and have been owned and operated by the same family for the past 35 years! We are a stable and viable business that provides employment and significant additional economic benefits to the area. BAAG employs 40 to 50 staff, and most live locally. We also provide the opportunity for over 775 businesses (many of them small businesses like artists and small plant growers) to enter the market with their products.

Our combination of a focus on sustainable living, gardening and art is unique in this region and complements the collective local offer of businesses and organisations and the overall experience in our region.


• is a hub for local artists and keen gardeners
• has over 25 permanent art installations that would be lost or damaged if we had to move
• runs monthly community vegie swaps
• supports the not-for-profit Sustainable Gardening Australia
• Supports countless schools and community groups
• Provides our community with education and resources for sustainable living
• Works with local groups and Parks Victoria to protect our parklands

• Serves our local community with colour and a smile, there is no-one else quite like BAAG

BAAG’s approach is driven by a continued commitment to nurturing creativity and community. BAAG inspires, enables and educates our communities to live in a more environmentally sustainably way.

We promote the arts, tourism, environment and connected communities and we have invested what is for us a significant amount of time, money and passion into BAAG; both recently and over the past 35 years. BAAG needs access to and connection with our community to survive. The local area will continue to benefit enormously by protecting the amenity and ambiance of the BAAG site with its direct connections to the Yarra parklands, Valley of the Arts and the people of Manningham.

BAAG has evolved over several decades to its current iteration, which provides a range of environmental, arts and community benefits. This has been possible due to our extensive local community networks, trusted identity, experience, expertise, management systems, stability, infrastructure and an ability and commitment to work with the local community. Some features relevant to our local community are detailed below.


BAAG is deeply embedded in and interdependent within our community. We have operated from the one site for 50 years and have created community, and sustainable gardening and living leadership that is locally relevant. We provide continued support though sponsorships, donations, advice and talks.

BAAG is regularly involved in on and off-site community activities and events, providing workshops for local festivals and giving talks to local groups. We have taken part in a number of City of Manningham initiatives such as Spring Outdoors, Heritage Week, Manningham festival, Fair Trade Group and Healthy Living Week.

BAAG,its directors and its CEO are, or have been actively involved in, many community groups such as SGA, Friends of the Yarra Valley Parks (FYVP), Manningham Tourism Advisory Group, Food Connect, SGA Pods and Friends of Little Bolin Park care group. We support a number of care-giving organisations including the Kevin Heinz Garden Centre, NEAMI and Austin Health.

The Arts

BAAG has over the years developed an increasing emphasis on the arts and creativity. We are passionate about nurturing creativity in the arts and in the garden and have developed an approach to complement other arts attractions in the area.

The BAAG site is a continually evolving series of artworks celebrating the work of local artists. They include the frontage, which is a collaboration of 8 local artists that stretches for over 100 metres.

The New Bolin Bolin Gallery which opened in 2015 gives an exhibition quality contemporary art space, suitable for solo and group exhibitions. This follows 20 years of exhibition experience with the gallery in another location.

Our new Sculpture Garden encourages the community to bring some creativity into their gardens

Art workshops have enabled well over 1,000 people from throughout Melbourne to discover their own creative potential.

Opportunities provided by BAAG for local people to sell and exhibit their work have initiated and supported many art careers.


BAAG is an entertaining and continually evolving community destination with people travelling considerable distances to see and experience BAAG because of its arts identity, home food production reputation or garden and art classes. Attractions such as the many permanent artworks such as the vibrant facade and murals, the Bolin Bolin Art gallery, Sculpture Garden and sustainable and produce display gardens such as the Edible Alley are all drawcards and, of course, people travel to BAAG from all over the state given our reputation for having one of the best ranges of plants around.

Gardening Sustainably

BAAG is a passionate supporter of Sustainable Gardening Australia (SGA) www.sgaonline.org.au an independent not-for-profit, non-government organisation, established in 2003, helping to establish SGA, with funding and providing rent free premises

BAAG is trusted by mainstream gardeners in local communities. It’s education programs and committed and knowledgeable staff present environmental options and a powerful message in a non- judgemental and tempting way. We demonstrate that sustainable living is fulfilling and fun.

BAAG is contributing to minimizing the impacts of climate change Our sustainable gardening and living programs focus on reducing our own and our community’s footprint by encouraging people to reduce resource use, protect and love biodiversity and to grow their own food.

BAAG is nationally recognized via the garden industry peak body’s environmental awards as a trailblazer in the garden industry in environment and sustainable lifestyles .

Food security, neighbourhood food production and healthy lifestyles

BAAG is recognised throughout Melbourne for providing support and encouragement to people who produce and share food.

We stock arguably the best range of food-producing plants in Melbourne, having spent years building the infrastructure, information, processes and systems.

Our sustainable gardening classes, our website and monthly newsletters place a heavy emphasis on edible gardening which meets a community demand.

We have run a community food swap at BAAG since 2009

Work in the Parks

BAAG has collaborated with Parks Victoria, Melbourne Water and the local community in the revegetation of the parklands adjacent to the site for over 15 years, actively working on the re-vegetation of the Little Bolin billabong and White Flats, 10 acres of Parks Victoria parkland adjoining BAAG.

The long term revegetation process has built our expertise in habitat gardening and use of indigenous plants .

BAAG has implemented two significant projects which improve Yarra river water quality.

BAAG contributes directly, and through collaboration with the City of Manningham, Heide and Parks Victoria, to the development of identity of the Bolin Bolin precinct.

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