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Zoo Gro

Elephants, Giraffes, Pygmy Hippos and more of the wonderful wildlife at Melbourne Zoo play a major role in producing Zoo Gro! Prunings and other garden waste, bedding straw from the animals’ night dens, and compostable food packaging from onsite food outlets are added in, and it’s all composted on site in the state-of-the-art Hot Rot processor. This high quality soil improver has been properly composted to kill off any weeds and seeds, and it will help improve water and nutrient retention. HotRot rescues 2 tonnes of organic material a day going to landfill, helping Zoos Victoria to be the world’s first carbon neutral zoological organisation.

Vegie Mix

50% Premium Garden Blend Soil, 12.5% Cow Manure, 12.5% Organic Compost, 12.5% Mushroom Compost, 12.5% Soil Conditioner.

Vegie mix needs to be topped up every 12 – 24 months or you can top up a little at every crop rotation. As the vegies use up the compost and manure it needs replacing. We recommend topping up with a 50:50 mix of cow manure and organic compost or a 50:50 mix of cow manure and mushroom compost.

· New and existing vegetable and herb gardens
· Annuals and rose gardens

Organic Compost

Locally sourced, composted material that re-purposes green waste that otherwise would end up in landfill. Our Compost contains composted plant matter that is rich in nutrients and helps improve impoverished soils, as well as helping to retain moisture. Our organic compost is made to Australian Standards AS 4454 at a temperature that kills any weed seeds and diseases. The combination of smaller and larger timber pieces provide ongoing carbon to feed and provide a substrate for the beneficial microbes in the soil that help to keep your plants healthy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the recycled nature of this product, it may contain occasional rubbish and other inorganic material.

· Rose, Vegetable and Herb gardens
· Native gardens
· Aerated through the base of a new lawn before adding Lawn Mix

Bulk Potting Mix

Our bulk potting mix contains nitrogen, iron, iron sulphate, trace elements, controlled release fertilisers and wetting agents. The primary ingredient is pine bark which is composted following quality endorsed ISO9001 processes to ensure an excellent product of consistent high quality. Bulk Potting Mix is suited to a wide variety of general plant groups including indoor and outdoor use for pots, tubs, window and planter boxes.

How much Potting Mix do I need?
1/2 Wine Barrel – 90 litres
500mm (20″) pot – 40 litres
400mm (16″) pot – 30 litres
300mm (12″) pot – 20 litres
250mm (10″) pot – 10 litres
200mm (8″) pot – 5 litres
150mm (6″) pot – 2 litres
75mm (avg. tube) – 0.3 litres

Certified Organic Cow Manure

An excellent addition to all gardens. Works as a soil conditioner, opening up the soil and adding humus. Supplies major fertiliser elements and will not raise your pH as much as Mushroom Compost. The feedlot where our cow manure is sourced is involved in the live export industry.

Garden Blend

70% screened soil, 20% Compost, 10% Chicken manure
pH 6 – 7
Ideal as a base soil. Garden Blend provides the answer to impoverished soils, or areas where recent building has left topsoil either removed or covered in rubble.

· Creating new garden beds
· Enriching poor quality soils
Note: Some batches may contain small foreign particles which cause NO harm to soil or plants

Lawn Mix

An excellent sand-based soil mixed with sufficient organic material to maintain a friable nature with good moisture and nutrient holding potential. Ideal for lawns.

· Perfect base for instant turf or raising new lawn seed
· Good for top-dressing existing lawns

Mushroom Compost

80% straw, wood shavings, horse and fowl manure, 10% gypsum, 10% peat and limestone
A by-product of the mushroom growing trade, Mushroom Compost is rich in organic matter and manures. Excellent for soil improvement in most soil types.

· For mixing with existing garden soils, especially annual, rose and vegetable gardens.
· As a component of other soil mixes.
· Note: Never to be used with acid-loving plants.

Soil Conditioner / Planting Mix

Our top quality Soil Conditioner / Planting Mix. Soil conditioners can be used to improve poor soils, or to rebuild soils which have been damaged by improper management. They can make poor soils more usable, and can be used to maintain soils in peak condition. You can also use this mix with your existing soil when planting new plants, and it is fine for natives. Soil conditioners improve moisture retention and encourage micro-organisms within your soil beds. BAAG’s Soil Conditioner / Planting Mix is a humus rich mix of composted fines combined with the nutrient holding capacity of biochar and it helps improve both your soil quality and structure.

Soil Conditioner / Planting Mix is most effective when thoroughly mixed through garden soil. We do not recommend planting directly in the Soil Conditioner / Planting Mix.

Sand, Soil and Mulch delivery 7 days

We deliver all over Melbourne!

We can deliver our bulk sand, soil, mulch, compost and stone to your site in most areas of Metro Melbourne. Our fleet of trucks are on the road doing bulk sand and soil deliveries 7 days a week, and they come in all sizes (and colours). Our drivers are neat, fit, healthy and always up for a chat.

Contact the yard on 8850 3030 or email to discuss your delivery requirements.

Please note that a delivery surcharge applies on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Smaller delivery quantities may only be available to the following suburbs
Please note that deliveries of smaller quantities may only be possible to suburbs listed here, email the yard or phone 8850 3030 to confirm. Please call even if your suburb is not listed, we may still deliver to you depending on your requirements.

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