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Mar 122019

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden

Happy vibrant violas – easy to grow and easy to love.

Lower growing and more profusely flowering than pansies, their smaller flowers have the bright and bold colours associated with their larger cousins and are equally enchanting. They will flower most of the year, but avoid the summer sun, as excessive heat will make them yellow off. Great from early autumn all the way to the end of spring.

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden

Not prone to any disease, can get mildewy if too shaded and wet, but a really trouble free plant. Excellent as a ground cover, mixed in with winter bulbs, in hanging baskets, at the front of a border – tumbling over a pathway, or as an accent plant or colour pot. A liquid feed now and again, or some slow release fertiliser will help them along, but they seem to survive anyway. If they get a bit stretched or leggy, you can give them a second wind by pinching back to around 10cm.

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden

The flowers are edible, so so trendy now, scattered around a plate or over a salad… In fact picking the flowers is good – encourages greater flowering effort from the plant. A win win.

The vivid bright colours contrast wonderfully for a bold fun effect, and can give life to a dull spot. They are annuals, so once they are done, pull up and chuck onto the compost heap.