Fifty years of Bulleen Art & Garden!

Bulleen Nursery was established on this site way back in 1967, and we have dug up a bunch of old photographs to share with everyone. We will be adding new pics to this post regularly for the rest of the year… stay tuned.

Beige Bulleen Nursery mid 1990's.

Everyone has to go through a beige phase at some stage. Beige BAAG mid-1990s. Mmmm, safe and cozy beige. At least we never went for mission brown.

Bulleen Nursery staff mid 1980's.

A likely bunch of rowdy rascals… puffing out their biceps in an attempt to fill up the sleeves of their classy, skin-tight bottle green 80’s T-shirts.

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Bulleen Nursery façade in the late 1980's.

Bulleen Nursery façade in the late 1980’s. This crime against pretty much everything is one of the main reasons owner Bruce Plain is no longer allowed to play with the paint set.

Bulleen Nursery front gates circa 1984

This pic was taken of the front gates of BAAG (then Bulleen Nursery) circa 1984. We have changed it around just a touch since then!