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Hypoestes sanguinolenta
How to keep them thriving indoors in Melbourne!

Please Note: The information below is specific to this particular plant. For more detailed notes on the general growing conditions required for all indoor plants, check out our ‘Growing Indoor Plants Successfully’ factsheet.

Generally grown as an annual bedding plant, this sweet little plant can also be used to add colour and a touch of whimsy to your indoor collection. Comes in pinks, reds and greens.

Keep moist in the warmer months, but let potting mix partially dry out in between watering in the cooler months or it will rot.

Bright indirect light.

Temperature and Humidity
Normal room temperatures are fine, but Hypoestes do like raised humidity, so keep plants away from ducts and outlets as both heating and air-conditioning reduce humidity. Ideally group indoor plants together as this helps create islands of humidity. Regular misting or a room humidifier helps, as does putting pots on feet or pebbles to ensure free drainage and allowing water to collect underneath.

Do not over feed, half the recommended amount of slow release fertiliser in spring should be sufficient.

It is essential these plants are pinched back regularly to maintain a nice bushy form, otherwise they will get leggy and lost their impact. Occasionally mist or shower to remove dust.

Tends not to get into much trouble – overwatering is the main problem.