Lots of Lemons?

Photo from Wiki Commons

If you have a Lisbon Lemon, you are probably looking at a glut of lemons right now. Even Eureka and Meyer lemon trees are full of fruit, but it is the Lisbons that are just groaning with huge loads of lemons. And these are the best of lemons, super lemony, tart, strong, wonderful skin for grating – the perfect lemon.

So, what to do with this superfluity of lemons? For years my brother has been banging on about his preserved lemons, I have been nodding gently and looking impressed, but secretly wondering what on earth you actually DO with preserved lemons. Then… my niece cooked me dinner one night and it was sensational. I was tactfully asking exactly what was in the dish to take it from good to superb, when she told me how the preserved lemons she had made took it to the next level – and this was in New York, in a kitchen the size of a postage stamp. I asked around, and it seems everyone is using preserved lemons, especially in Morrocan cooking (yet another culinary train that left without me).

I won’t bother to give you a recipe – google has a million of them – further proof that I should have been aboard the preserved lemon train years ago.

Other ways of using all those lemons (I get given grocery bags of them) is lemon cordial (I love this, and give it away as presents) and lemon butter/lemon curd. I struggle to give the lemon curd away as I want it all for myself, but I do occasionally hand a jar over to a REALLY good friend or two. Otherwise you can just use really lemon heavy recipes like Lemon Tart, Lemon Delicious Pudding, Lemon Cheesecake, and Lemon Syrup Cake. All reasons why we can’t lose weight over winter.