Design Consultancy

If you are starting with a blank slate or are preparing for a garden makeover, a Design Consultancy is the right option for you. Our design consultants can help you on your way to having your own beautiful, functional and sustainable garden.

What do I get?

Allowing you a little more time to go through your ideas and concerns to formulate a plan, our consultants can help you develop a strong theme or ‘look’ for your garden.

You can workshop design challenges such as creating privacy or working with limited space and discuss a selection of materials and plants to complement and enhance existing architecture. Working with one of our fantastic consultants can give you the confidence to take the next big step of engaging a landscape or garden designer, architect or landscape contractor.

At the end of the consultancy you get three discount vouchers to use at BAAG. These give you 15% off plants and 7.5% off most other products at BAAG and can be used on three separate visits.

The Details

Design Consultancies afford you 3 hours of the consultant’s time. Each consultant has their own particular way of working, but as a guide you will get 2 hours onsite and an additional hour for preparation and / or summary work. This can include a pre-visit phone call and / or post-visit work on sketches / info. Design Consultancies cost $375.

It is very important you understand this is a Design Consultancy, not a Garden Design service. Think of it as an opportunity to discuss potential design ideas in your garden with an expert. You will NOT end up with a garden design. You WILL end up with some great ideas and advice, and if you wish to take the next step to a full design you can discuss this with your consultant after the visit. If you and the consultant find you need more than the allocated time, you can arrange to pay the consultant directly for any extra time required.

Next step… select your consultant

Click the consultant photos below to read more about them and view a photo gallery of their work. Once you have chosen a consultant you can complete the form on their page to make a booking.

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