Plant Tiles

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden

Plant tiles create stunning, alternative lawns and outdoor solutions instantly at half the cost of using traditional pots! Each tile covers the same area as ten traditional 100mm pots. As the plants grow, the roots bind the media together so that the Plant Tiles can be removed from the tray then laid on the area you have prepared. If required, simply cut to shape with scissors, then butt together and water in for complete coverage. Achieve full, green coverage instantly.
Some will be in stock in the nursery, but some may need to be ordered in. Nine plant tiles will cover one square metre. Measure up your area and phone in your order to 8850 3030 and we will let you know when they are in.

Please phone 8850 3030 to check plant availabilityImportant note about plant availability.
There are hundreds of factsheets on our website provided for your information. Not all plants will be available at all times throughout the year. To confirm availability please call (03) 8850 3030 and ask for the nursery.

Mentha requienii – Corsican Mint
Sensational, mat forming groundcover that features tight green, aromatic foliage and tiny lavender flowers in summer. Plant as a lawn substitute or between stones so that the gentle scent of mint is released when walked on. This is the mint from which Creme de Menthe is derived. Takes light to medium foot traffic, so perfect in between pavers in a shady or dappled light spot. Like all mints – does better with summer watering.
Photo © Plant Tiles Australia. Used with permission. Mentha requienii - Corsican Mint

Dichondra repens – Kidney Weed
Beautiful dense thatch of delightful lily pad leaves and stems. This stunning ground cover becomes smaller and tighter with increased light intensity. Happy in full sun or dappled shade. Not affected by frost, this Australian native is hardy under most conditions. The sunnier the location the tighter and more compact it is, but will grow almost anywhere. Makes a wonderfully soft walking surface and doesn’t seem to itch.
Photo © Plant Tiles Australia. Used with permission. Dichondra repens - Kidney Weed

Sagina subulata – Irish Moss
This beautiful groundcover features dense tufts of slender stems which grow together to form a lush carpet of green with a soft mossy look and feel. In spring, the mass of small, star-shaped, white flowers are a delight. Whilst preferring some shade and good drainage it is a tough little plant but it will require water through a hot summer. Looks brilliant in a soft free form, and with age will give a slightly mounded sculptural effect. Can cope with sun and part shade but needs water in summer, and humidity isn’t its friend, so great for Melbourne’s temperate climate.
Photo © Plant Tiles Australia. Used with permission. Sagina subulata - Irish Moss

Zoysia tenuifolia – Korean Velvet Grass
An ornamental grass groundcover that can tolerate full sun to semi-shade. A fantastic lawn alternate with a very fine, attractive bright green leaf. A unique clumping appearance develops when left unmown for a freeform natural look. It is slow growing, making plant tiles the ideal way to get quick coverage. Can be kept flat, and is increasingly used for bowling and putting greens.
Photo © Plant Tiles Australia. Used with permission. Zoysia tenuifolia - Korean Velvet Grass

Thymus serpyllum – Magic Carpet Thyme
Perfect for those harsh full sun conditions. Needs good drainage and is drought tolerant. This gorgeous mini creeping thyme features deep green foliage and has a soft scent of lemon when stepped on. It makes a striking lawn substitute exploding in late spring with carmine-pink flowers. Imagine! A lawn you can eat! Like most Thymes, the leaves are edible whilst the flowers attract butterflies.
Photo © Plant Tiles Australia. Used with permission. Thymus serpyllum - Magic Carpet Thyme