Most people have a favourite citrus, and the Tangelo is mine! I love the sweet / tart flavour, and combine that with its easy peel nature and super juiciness, it is my ideal citrus. They can be very hard to find regularly in the supermarket, they pop up on the shelves occasionally between July and October, but rarely. Growing your own is a much better idea.

A Tangelo is a hybrid cross between a Mandarin and a Grapefruit, which give it the easy peel skin and sweet / tart flavour. They are all self-fertile and rapid growers that can reach around 4-8 metres tall by 4 metres wide. They are evergreen very attractive trees attractive. They make a great specimen tree, hedge or screen and are very hardy and cold tolerant. Tangelos prefer full sun.

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Minneola – A mid-season variety with large bright red to orange fruit and a glossy, thin skin. This one has a really tasty grapefruit flavour. The tree tends to bear fruit every second year (biennial bearing).

Seminole – This tangelo was bred in the USA and has similar fruit to a Minneola except that the tree itself tends to over bear, making fruit smaller. It is wise for the home gardener growing this one to practise thinning the fruit. Fruit is late, ripening around July or August.