Trade Discount Application

This form is for working tradespeople only and is an application to receive a trade discount from BAAG. This is NOT an application for a credit account.

Terms & Conditions

Before applying for Trade Discount at BAAG, you must read and agree to all of the following conditions:

As a registered trade customer you may be entitled to discounts on some of our range of nursery, hardware and landscape supply products.

We give extra assistance to professionals starting their new career, but as a courtesy, please remember that the trade discount is awarded to you on the basis that as a professional landscaper/gardener, you will require only occasional advice from staff.

We reserve the right to revoke the trade discount on single purchases or revoke your trade discount entirely if these terms are not respected.

Keep in mind the following when you head into the nursery…

• Each month there is a good value nursery special offered to trade customers, keep an eye out for it in the monthly newsletter.

• If you are a new customer, and unfamiliar with the nursery, feel free to ask for a tour and explanation of how the nursery works, where plants are located etc. It will make it much easier and quicker for you in the long run if you know the system and where plants are located.

• We do not offer a picking service.

• ONLY use the customer order service if you have been unable to find the necessary plants (or suitable substitutes) on the benches.

• We do offer a quoting service. Please be clear on plant varieties, sizes and numbers before you begin the process. Please indicate if you are happy to take substitutes as accepting substitutes will often speed up the process.

(If you do not have an ABN you MUST fill in the section below listing your recent jobs)