BAAG is staying open – North East Link updates

Some important changes you need to be aware of when entering and exiting BAAG.

Entering BAAG from the west (Heidelberg / Preston).
The right turn lane from the centre of Manningham Road into BAAG still operates as it always has done. The main change is the traffic flow once inside BAAG. The old front carpark is no longer in operation, and you will need to be aware of the new stop sign. You must give way to all cars entering BAAG from the east before proceeding to the new carpark or down to Landscape Supplies.
Entering BAAG from the east (Bulleen / Templestowe).
Make sure you are in the left lane as you come down the new ramp in Manningham Road. This entrance operates much the same way as it always has, aside from it being entrance only now. Vehicles entering from this driveway have right of way, however we suggest you still proceed with caution and be aware of other vehicles leaving BAAG. The old front carpark is no longer in operation… please proceed down the driveway and follow the signs to the new carpark on your left.
The new customer car park.
The car park along the front of BAAG no longer exists. The entire area out the front of BAAG is now needed for traffic flow. Follow the signs to the new carpark to your left off the driveway. You can park anywhere in here past the yellow arrow on this pic (inside AND outside the double gates). If there is a spot anywhere in here you can use it!
Exiting BAAG
ALL traffic leaving BAAG now must leave via the western driveway and head to the west (left). There is no longer a U-Turn facility outside BAAG. For traffic heading east you will need to head west and make a U-Turn further up the road; or alternatively continue further to the traffic lights at Dora Street or Lower Heidelberg Road.

With all the construction works going on around us many customers have been asking whether we are closing.

In short… no, we are here to stay!

This has only been possible with the fantastic support we have received from our wonderful customers and the wider community. Your continued support has fortified our mission and commitment to work with and inspire home gardeners, local communities and horticultural and landscape professionals to contribute to a healthy, biodiverse planet.

We will continue to be here for many years to help you and your garden!

New space for BAAG!

We have been busy constructing the new sand and soil bins to replace those we will lose at the very back of the garden supplies yard. The narrow section of current BAAG land that runs from just past the yard shed along the river is needed for the NE Link Project. This new area next to us (pictured here) will be used for parking and garden supplies.

Our full range of pots and hardware bagged products are now back in stock where they used to be in the nursery.

For those of you who were unfortunate enough to visit us during the compaction works on the site next to us… you will be glad to hear that it is completely finished. No more of that crazy noise that was sending most of us around the bend! We have our nice, quiet river-side oasis back!

BAAG will remain open at all times; – the nursery, garden supplies, shop and gallery will be operating as usual throughout all the changes. Access and parking will not be an issue. You will notice a lot of activity over the coming months around BAAG as we continue to reconfigure our site. Come down and have a look when you can!

BAAG will continue to be here for many years to help you and your garden.

This has only been possible with the fantastic support that we have received from our wonderful customers and the wider community. Also, NELP and the contractors, Spark have worked with us to enable us to remain operating. Many thanks to all!

  • The nursery will continue as per usual with its wide range of plants, particularly produce plants.

  • Landscape supplies will continue to operate.

  • The gallery has got some fantastic exhibitions scheduled and all art spaces will not be affected.

  • The shop will not be affected.

  • Parking will still be available at the front of BAAG, and new parking will be built on the former Storage King site.

  • The wonderful BAAG staff will be on hand to help you.

The journey so far…

  • It all started nearly 6 years ago. We first heard about North East Link in August 2017. At that stage we didn’t know if or how BAAG would be affected. When the route was decided we found out that BAAG was within the project area and could potentially be lost. We let some of our customers know and they rallied to support BAAG, signing a petition to keep us open. The petition received around 5,000 signatures in just a few days.

  • The 8 week EES committee hearing into the project and its impacts was announced in 2019. We then set to work on an extensive submission to this hearing, outlining why BAAG should remain on this site. But we weren’t the only ones to make a submission supporting BAAG to this committee – over 150 of the 850 submissions to the hearing were from customers, staff, suppliers, landscapers, gardeners and artists explaining in their own words why they thought it was important for BAAG to stay open. After this strong community support for BAAG the committee and minister’s reports also advocated for the continuance of BAAG.

  • We would once again like to give our heartfelt thanks to everyone who added their voice to support BAAG and helped ensure its survival.

  • Since then we have been working constructively with the North East Link Authority and Spark (the contractors) to work out how BAAG can continue to operate during the construction period. Thanks to their efforts and co-operation we now have a solution which will allow us to operate throughout the construction of the project.