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Cumquats – All cumquats are self-fertile, evergreen and will grow happily in either full sun or part-shade. They are also very cold tolerant. Soon after the fragrant, white flowers appear they produce ornamental fruit which stay on the tree for a long period.

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Finger Lime – Finger limes are native to the rainforests of SE Queensland and northern NSW. A naturally thorny 6m tall understory tree producing the highly desirable 6-12cm long finger shaped fruit; they are highly adaptable and commercially are grown in poor soils.

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Grapefruit – Grapefruit grow on a vigorous evergreen tree that can easily reach a height of 4 metres or more, with a similar width. You will be rewarded to with kilos of fruit if you choose the most suitable variety for your climate.

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Lemons – Lemons are that tree everyone wants in their backyard. They are useful for hedging, screening, espalier, producing some shade or as a specimen tree. Dwarf varieties are also popular choices for growing in a pot.

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Oranges – All oranges are self-fertile, small to medium evergreen trees. They have large, dark green, glossy and aromatic foliage. The pure white flowers also fill their surroundings with their characteristic scent in spring.

Tangelos – A Tangelo is a hybrid cross between a Mandarin and a Grapefruit, which give it the easy peel skin and sweet / tart flavour.

Citrus Pests & Diseases

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Citrus Gall Wasp – Citrus gall wasps are a shiny black wasps native to northern Australia. They have a preference for the native limes, as well as lemons, oranges and grapefruits. Read on to find out what you can do to control them.

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Citrus Gall Wasp Preventative Treatment – ‘Overhaul’ – Finally we have a new preventative for the infuriating gall wasp that has been decimating our citrus, lemon trees in particular, across Victoria.

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Citrus Leafminer – This is a small nocturnal moth which lays its eggs on the underside of soft fresh leaves of citrus. The eggs hatch and the larvae rapidly burrow under the surface of the leaf, and it is these larvae that cause all the damage.

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Queensland Fruit Fly – Queensland fruit fly is a significant pest that has been found in areas of Victoria for a few years now. Recently there is evidence the fly is establishing itself in Melbourne and surrounds.

Other Citrus Info

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Citrus Root Stocks – Citrus are grafted onto rootstocks in order to give the tree protection from pests and diseases, greater tolerance for specific soil conditions, a shorter time before full fruit production is reached, tolerance to cold (or heat), to drought or waterlogging. There are different rootstocks to serve different purposes. At BAAG we commonly see four different rootstocks.

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Citrus Trees General Information – Citrus trees offer glossy green foliage year round, with sweetly scented flowers and beautiful and edible fruit. There are few trees that are as ornamental and practical as a citrus tree. Citrus are a must for every back yard. Varieties include: Cumquats, Grapefruit, Lemons, Limes, Mandarins, Oranges, Tangelos, Pumelos and various others.

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Lots of Lemons? – If you have a Lisbon Lemon, you are probably looking at a glut of lemons right now. Even Eureka and Meyer lemon trees are full of fruit, but it is the Lisbons that are just groaning with huge loads of lemons. And these are the best of lemons, super lemony, tart, strong, wonderful skin for grating – the perfect lemon.

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Citrus Names – Citrus taxonomy – Citrus Classification – The Bittersweet Debate – Citrus have been hybridised frequently over a long time and over wide geographic boundaries, consequently, there is a great deal of confusion around correct botanical names of commonly known citrus.