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When selecting the right cucumber for you there are a few things to consider. Regular or burpless, small or large, long or round. The regular cucumbers generally have a bitter skin that requires peeling, whereas you can eat the skin of a burpless and remain indigestion-free (probably best in front of the Queen). The skin is very good for you!

Cucumbers require a consistently moist, compost rich soil in an open sunny spot. They are a sprawling vine that may be grown up a trellis or wire frame if you wish. Compact cucumber varieties are suitable for pots. Cucumbers should be picked regularly to encourage more flowers and fruit.

They are prone to fungal diseases in humid weather. Avoid overhead watering and spray with a milk and bi-carb spray as a preventative. Simply mix one part full-cream milk to nine parts water, add a teaspoon of bicarb and spray on to foliage.

Some great backyard varieties include Long Green Burpless, Crystal Apple and Bush Bonanza.

The key points to remember for cucumber contentedness are:
· Sunny, open position
· Good air circulation
· Pick frequently
· Consistent watering and compost rich soil.