Brazilian Cherry

Brazilian cherry, pitanga, cayenne cherry or suriname cherry; whatever name you call this fruit, there is no denying that it is a highly ornamental plant with an unusual and interesting edible fruit. The tree itself can grow up to 7m and has small densely packed aromatic leaves with a reddish coloured new growth. Very quickly following flowering the unusual ‘lantern-like’ fruit appear which turn from green to bright red as they ripen. Usually harvested in Feb-May, the fruit’s taste can very from sweet to tangy and almost sour depending on the ripeness. They can be eaten out-of-hand or be preserved in jams and jellies, and it’s said that refrigeration can enhance the flavour.

While it is fairly tolerant of cold temperatures once established, the Brazilian cherry will grow best in a warm, sunny and sheltered location free from frost.

It can tolerate a wide variety of soils and is fairly drought tolerant once established.
Brazilian cherry trees are available during the warmer months of the year from Bulleen Art and Garden.