Chestnuts are lovely roasted on an open fire (or so the song tells us) but not everyone’s idea of a great backyard tree. Before you plant a chestnut, it is important to plan your garden first. Chestnuts can, over time, reach a whopping 20m tall, and about the same width, and remember, it takes two trees to make nuts!

Soil-wise, chestnuts adore a lovely deep, rich soil, full of compost. They like it slightly acidic, so check your pH before planting them in late winter to early spring. Keep the water up to chesnuts, they are thirsty trees, and irregular watering will see them decline rapidly, especially over the first couple of years.

Chestnuts don’t need too much love, give them a prune to remove lower branches as they are maturing and remove any dodgy looking ones over time. Food wise, compost is fine, so top this up annually, and all will be well.  Check out these chestnuts you may find at BAAG:

Chestnut – Fleming’s Prolific: Quality, medium / large sized, light brown, flavoursome nut. Prolific bearer.  Late March. Roasting and cooking. A beautiful ornamental tree. Will cross-pollinate with any other chestnut variety.

Chestnut – Fleming’s Special: Excellent quality, flavoursome, medium-to-large brown nuts with a stripe. Reliable cropper. April. Roasting and cooking. Will cross-pollinate with any other chestnut variety.