Jun 032014

Eugenia brasilensis Syn: Eugenia dombeyi, Myrtus dombeyi

Grumichama, also called Brazil Cherry and Spanish Cherry, is a slow growing attractive tree with dark green glossy leaves growing up to 3-5 metres in height at maturity. After a beautiful floral display, the cherry like fruit will be produced on long stems. The fruit will turn from green to red and then ultimately to black when ripe. The flesh is white with a single seed in the middle, with a taste reminiscent of cherry and grape.

Grumichama can tolerate a variety of soil types, but will perform best in a well drained slightly acidic soil. As it is a subtropical plant, it prefers a warm part-shade to full sun position with protection from frosts when young. It does best in a spot which is protected from frosts as well as hot western sun. Minimal pruning is required, only to shape the tree and to keep it to a desired height. Additionally, there are very few pest or disease problems associated with this tree. Grumichama trees can be purchased here at BAAG during the warmer months of the year.