Mar 012019

Photo by Stuart Blagrove

Atriplex nummularia

A summer growing perennial reaching 3m high and 2 to 3m wide. The attractive silvery grey leaves are variable in shape and size, and when dried and crumbled are sought after as a salty flavouring for many foods. Used fresh the leaves can act as a wrap around fish or other meats and grilled.

Old Man Salt Bush is remarkably adaptable, tolerating severe droughts (has a deep root system, spreading 5m down and 10m out) and periodic flooding. Eminently suitable as a garden plant as it responds brilliantly to pruning, tolerates most soils, frost and salt tolerant and is a very ‘forgiving’ plant. Definitely better in the sun, but will cope with some shade. Hedges beautifully and minimal fertilisation requirements.