School Holiday Workshops for Kids

Please note that there will be no School Holiday Workshops this summer. Naomi and her family are off on an exciting family trip and we are yet to find a replacement. We hop to run the workshops again in the term 1 holidays 2022.

During the school holidays we run affordable, hands-on workshops for kids with a focus on gardening and creativity. These classes are loads of fun and they usually sell out quickly. Classes are mainly aimed at primary school aged children, and we may also add occasional workshops for pre-school kids.

All classes presented by Naomi Cindric

Naomi loves having fun and teaching kids. Mum of three primary school age boys, she is a scientist by day – developing DNA tests at a local University. Of a lunch time Naomi has been passionately involved in weekly school lunch time clubs for the past 5 years. Naomi specialises in hands on activities with lots of mixing and creating. A blend of art, science and gardening!