Aug 172015

Bugs in the Park – The Digging Detectives

Cost: Free

When: Sunday 20th September, 10am – 11am

Where: Parkland next to Bulleen Art and Garden, 6 Manningham Road West, Bulleen (meet next to Rose the Turtle)

Learn the lost art of hunting for mini-beasts and learn how to identify bugs during the different stages of their lifecycles. You will discover a whole range of “pets” that you have free-ranging in your yard and local parklands that you didn’t know were among us! Join Kat down in the Bolin Bolin Parklands for a one hour hands on workshop. Come dressed for digging!

This workshop is suitable for children of Primary School age, children under this age MUST be supervised by an adult. There is a maximum of 10 children, so bookings are essential on 8850 3030 or

Jul 302015

Well, the last weeks of winter are finally here, with the scent of Wattle signalling the promise of spring just around the corner. The first Magnolias are in flower and the gold and purple of Acacias and Hardenbergias create a dramatic floral display. The cold, frosty mornings are a prelude to the burst of new growth that heralds the coming new season of life. We have already had our fair share of frosty mornings and more are likely, so continue on with those frost damage prevention measures for a few more weeks yet.
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Jul 272015

Living with possums isn’t always easy, but there are a few things we can all do to live in harmony with possums in our shared urban spaces. Let’s face it… we are never going to get rid of them all together, and why should we? They were here long before we were, and it is our destruction of their habitat that has forced them into our houses, our gardens, and lives. So, what steps can we take to make sure we can all get along together?

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Jul 092015

From spring 2015 all the vegie seedlings we stock at BAAG will be grown to organic principles or certified low environmental impact practices.

Everyone who knows us is aware of our commitment to sustainability and to growing your own produce. We encourage you to grow vegies for the health benefits and sheer enjoyment of working in your garden, the fun of swapping excess produce, the satisfaction of feeding yourself, family and friends from your own labours and the resilience those inevitable setbacks and disasters build! Our move to selling only vegie seedlings grown to organic principles or certified low environmental impact practices is another way we can promote sustainability. However, it is not just these principles that are driving this move, it is also our belief that the product is better suited to the home gardener.

Using well balanced natural fertilisers whilst eliminating synthetic pesticides, growth regulators and excessive nitrogen produces a resilient seedling. Naturally hardier with both top and root growth in balance, these seedlings are better adapted to life in your garden.

Many of the seedlings are heritage or heirloom varieties with all the flavours and aromas fruit and vegies should have, as well as being able to save the seed and grow them next year. A lot of modern breeding has been of great value, but for a fun yet pointed insight into the downside of modern breeding, read this article from The Atlantic

So to sum it up, our move to vegie seedlings grown to organic principles or certified low environmental impact practices gives you seedlings better suited to your garden, better for the environment and we hope will encourage you to give it a go and try something new.

Jul 082015

In 1995, urged by staff member Claire Nailer, we decided to set up a gallery. The gallery space was planned, exhibition procedures worked out, artists invited to exhibit, and the Bolin Bolin Gallery opened in 1995. Since then, 7-10 art exhibitions have been held every year and many hundreds of artists have been involved. Garden sculpture has always been popular, but a wide variety of other art styles have always featured in the gallery – including sculpture from recycled materials, ceramic sculpture, mosaics, pottery, metal and stone sculpture, baskets, textiles, glass, paintings, photographs, installation and more.

Now, 20 years later we are very excited to be moving and upgrading our exhibition space. You can follow the progress on our gallery site at

Jun 112015

The majority of our bare root fruit and ornamental trees are now in stock. Make sure you don’t leave it too long if you had planned to grab a tree or two this year… many popular varieties will definitely sell out, especially some of the dwarf varieties. If you would like more information on our range this year please give us a call on 8850 3030 and ask for the nursery.

Jun 112015

Green roofs are rooftops equipped to grow gardens. They can grow food, be a place to relax in, help control internal and external temperature, or any combination of these. An additional benefit is boosting the productivity of solar panels during the warmer months of the year.

Green roofs are growing in popularity, both internationally and in Australia. In Germany, gardens cover 15% of all rooftops, with over one billion square metres of green roof, and in France it was recently mandated that all new buildings must be covered with either gardens or solar panels. An inspiring step forward.
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May 312015

Great memories of running through piles of leaves, all rugged up, having a ball. Probably not shared by my father holding the rake – but I love this time of year.  The satisfaction of a major tidy up, planting for spring with all the hopes and promise ahead, the camellias starting to bloom and wondering if I can squeeze in just one more gorgeous tree only available in the bare root season. It may be getting chilly, but there are still loads of winter gardening jobs to keep you warm. Read on!

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May 292015

All of our bulk products are available in bulka bags for convenience. Bulka bags can be used when there is poor access, or when the product needs to stored in a bag until it is used. Instead of having a pile of mulch in your driveway, or soil on your nature strip, a bulka bag will keep the product clean, tidy and accessible. The bags will hold 1 cubic metre of lighter product like mulch, compost or soil or three quarters of a cubic metre of heavy product like sand or crushed rock.

Bulka Bags are delivered with our crane truck. Email or call us on 8850 3030 to get a price on delivery. Delivery charge is dependant on suburb, bag quantities and the time frame you require. Our crane truck has a reach of approximately 6m. As long as the truck can get good access (no power lines, trees etc) it can reach onto retaining walls or over low fences.

There is an extra charge to supply and fill the bulka bags on top of the product cost, or to refill an old bag (conditions apply to filling a returned bag )

May 282015

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden

Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera. Brassicaeae

Brussels Sprout – yep, that’s right, they’re Brussels Sprout not Brussel Sprouts – are one of the few vegetables that are almost guaranteed to get a strong reaction from people. Unfortunately, even those that have never tried these dear little cabbage-like balls are often put-off by the negativity surrounding them, even though they’re a superfood.

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May 212015

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote on the names for our new chooks… It was a close run race, but the most popular choices were ‘Lord Cluckington’ for the rooster and ‘Pebbles’ for the hen.

Pop in and say hi to them next time you are here!

May 202015


If you have never been to one of BAAG’s morning tea event, then mark the date of our up and coming Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea in your diary! Not only are our staff clever in the garden, some are fabulous world class cooks in their spare time. With sweet, savoury and even vegan options, our morning teas can turn into a bit of a “bake off”, and have everybody saying “why don’t we do this more often!” So join us for a cuppa and a chat this Thursday the 28th between 11am and 12 noon, whilst supporting this worthwhile cause.

This year Kat is co ordinating the event, so if you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact her by phone (8850 3030) or email (

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

May 172015

Feijoas are one of those excellent garden plants that comfortably double as an ornamental and as an edible. If you are however, more concerned with the edible side of things then you may want to consider using a grafted feijoa instead.

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