Winter can be a challenge, but it sure puts a rosy hue in your cheeks when you rug up, brave the elements and go about doing some of those winter gardening tasks which have been beckoning from outside. Enjoy a warm drink – and the satisfaction – when you come inside. Click here for loads of great July gardening advice.

18 June – 18 August
Includes sculpture made from recycled metal by Sean Diamond. Silky Oak hand carved relief panel is by Matt Baird. This exhibition features some fantastic sculpture made from recycled metal by Sean Diamond, from a detailed copper logging truck to a giant metal rose to tree made from metal salvaged at the royal Children’s hospital, to a number of large spheres. Click here for more images and info.

Please join us on Sunday 27th July from 10am – 12pm and help us plant indigenous seedlings into the Little Bolin area. We’ll start from Kim Close and make our way through Little Bolin and White’s Flat where you’ll hear from our revegetation expert Glenn about what BAAG has being doing in the Little Bolin area over the past 17 years in conjunction with Parks Victoria. We will be joining the Friends of the Yarra Valley Parks for this planting. They are a group who are regularly involved in revegetation projects along the Yarra from Warrandyte to Burke Rd and welcome new members. As a thank you you’ll take home a locally native indigenous seedling to plant in your own backyard. Refreshments will be provided. Click here to sign up or call Jane or Kat (Monday to Friday) on 8850 3030 to register your attendance.

Decorating your home or office with indoor plants not only creates a beautiful environment but comes with health benefits also. Well-chosen indoor plants and pots add colour, texture and freshness to rooms and interior spaces. Click here for everything you need to know about Indoor Plants.