Sep 102014

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden

“Still Life with Fruit”

Thursday 18th September 5.30 – 7.30pm

• An artwork which celebrates homegrown local food and is a testament to BAAG’s commitment to food gardening. The sculpture, Still Life with Fruit by sculptor, painter, award winning author and puppeteer Lachlan Plain,, is a painterly rendition of the food gardener’s fruit bowl. At ten times the fruit’s original size this fibre glass sculpture will tower over the entrance of Bulleen Art & Garden, testament to BAAG’s commitment to food gardening.

RSVP essential – or 8850 3030.
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Aug 302014

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden
September is a magnificent month to be out in the garden. You can smell spring in the air and the soil is starting to warm up, just like us. Spring is the turning point for planting options… the variety of plants that are happy to hit the soil in spring is huge, no matter what type of garden you like. After a cold winter there is nothing better than waking up to a sunny Saturday, throwing on a T-shirt and getting stuck into some gardening. We all have loads of jobs that have been neglected all winter, get started today!

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Aug 272014

(Photograph by Bulleen Art & Garden)
Citrus gall wasps (Bruchophagus fellis) are small (3mm) shiny black wasps native to northern Australia. There they have natural predators (two parasites) which keep the number of gall wasps under control. As the wasps have gradually moved south (thought to be via the movement of infected citrus trees), they have appeared in many areas without their natural predators, and consequently have exploded in numbers and caused considerable damage.
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Aug 222014

Gallery Exhibition - Feathers, Fur and Fins Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden
21 August – 28 September

This is a wonderful exhibition filled with animals with attitude and personality. The “Yow Yow” Girls; Sharon, Andrea and Sue, have worked together in clay for more than 10 years. 5 years ago they established a Studio at St Andrews. The name came about because the Yow Yow Creek joins the Diamond Creek on the property. The common thread with these 3 Artists is their love for a clay called B.R.T. It is chunky, strong, forgiving and you seem to be able to make almost anything with it. Click here for more images and info.

Aug 122014

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden

The hellebore, or Winter Rose as it is commonly called, adds charm and elegance to any garden. Their nodding flowers provide winter cheer throughout winter and on into early spring. The colours vary from white, green, pink to my personal favourite… black; with loads of and varying shades in between. The flowers also come in multi-coloured, spotted, double and single forms. If you have a spot in the garden that needs a lift in these cold months then look no further, the hellebore could be the star attraction you are looking for.
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Jul 312014

Well, the last weeks of winter are finally here, with the scent of Wattle signalling the promise of spring just around the corner. The first Magnolias are in flower and the gold and purple of Acacias and Hardenbergias create a dramatic floral display. The cold, frosty mornings are a prelude to the burst of new growth that heralds the coming new season of life. We have already had our fair share of frosty mornings and more are likely, so continue on with those frost damage prevention measures for a few more weeks yet.
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Jul 272014

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden

I remember tasting my first Feijoa when one of the guys at University brought a bag of them on a class field trip. I was dazzled by these delicious little fruits and I can tell you that the bag of them did not last long! Feijoas, also known as Pineapple Guavas or Guavasteen, are native to Southern Brazil and Northern Argentina. You could be forgiven for assuming they are also native to New Zealand due to the way they are commercially grown there in the cool climate.
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Jul 142014

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden

The new Banyule Gardeners’ Almanac is very useful booklet for those new to vegie gardening, or those wanting to learn more. It’s packed full of info to help you start and plan a vegie garden, month by month guides on what to plant and what gardening tasks you should be doing, with pages to keep your own notes. Even though the Almanac has been produced in Banyule, much of the information is relevant to all municipalities around BAAG. The almanac is based on information collected from gardeners and speakers at the various Vegie Swaps in Banyule and has been supported by a Banyule Council grant. It has been beautifully illustrated by local artist Felicity Gordon. The Almanac costs $5 and is available now here at Bulleen Art and Garden. For further enquiries about the Almanac contact Julie on 0438 115 853 or email

Jun 252014

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden
18 June – 18 August

Includes sculpture made from recycled metal by Sean Diamond. Silky Oak hand carved relief panel is by Matt Baird. This exhibition features some fantastic sculpture made from recycled metal by Sean Diamond, from a detailed copper logging truck to a giant metal rose to tree made from metal salvaged at the royal Children’s hospital, to a number of large spheres. Click here for more images and info.

Jun 232014

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden

Please join us on Sunday 27th July from 10am – 12pm and help us plant indigenous seedlings into the Little Bolin area. We’ll start from Kim Close and make our way through Little Bolin and White’s Flat where you’ll hear from our revegetation expert Glenn about what BAAG has being doing in the Little Bolin area over the past 17 years in conjunction with Parks Victoria. We will be joining the Friends of the Yarra Valley Parks for this planting. They are a group who are regularly involved in revegetation projects along the Yarra from Warrandyte to Burke Rd and welcome new members.

As a thank you you’ll take home a locally native indigenous seedling to plant in your own backyard. Refreshments will be provided. Click here to sign up or call Jane or Kat (Monday to Friday) on 8850 3030 to register your attendance.

IMPORTANT – Could all attendees on the day please park in Kim Close… NOT at Bulleen Art & Garden

Jun 162014

Rose 'Neptune' Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden

Paul Nieuwesteeg of Nieuwesteeg Roses will be onsite at BAAG on Sunday the 20th July at 11am to give a free rose pruning demonstration. Paul is a second generation rosarian who is passionate about growing roses organically. Come along and hear from Paul the story of how to select, plant, grow, prune and care for your roses in an organic way. We are excited that our bare root roses from Nieuwesteeg Roses have now arrived and are available in the nursery. We are stocking new and recent releases, David Austin, bush, old fashioned and climbing roses. We are also very excited to be stocking a range of Australian bred Alister Clarke roses this year.

Jun 152014

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden

In lots of ways I think of this as the native Daphne. Small, difficult, subtle, and then there is this show stopping fragrance that knocks you over and you WANT one.

The boronia with the best fragrance is Boronia megastigma known as Brown Boronia. This should be the floral emblem for the Hawthorn Football Club, with dark brown petals on the outside contrasting with bright yellow on the inside. Every organ of the flower has scented oil glands (the source of the essential oils for the perfume trade) and the fragrance is superb. There are numerous cultivars of this Boronia, all have pretty flowers and a lovely scent, look for ‘Heaven Scent’; ‘Jack Macguire’s Red’ and ‘Harlequin’.
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Jun 092014

Nashi or Asian Pears (Pyrus pyrifolia) are native to China, Japan & Korea and date from about the 16th Century. They have been produced commercially in Australia for about 25 years.

Nashi Pears are more round like an apple, rather than European varieties that are a true pear shape. The fruit has brown, white or yellow skin and is very juicy, crisp and rather grainy compared to the smoother, softer more buttery flesh of European pears. Asian Pears are ripe when firm & have a sweet smelling aroma. They store very well in the fridge.
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Jun 052014

The humble parsnip (Pastinaca sativa) may not be everyone’s favorite vegetable, but grown well and prepared to a good recipe in the kitchen these white carrot relatives can be a delicious variation in your home grown meals.

A vegetable grown from ancient times, Parsnip was a solid staple harvested for winter eating where other foods may have been scarce. Parsnip is a good source of fibre, Vitamin C, Folate and Manganese.
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