Jan 282016

Most people know that one of the benefits of companion planting is to attract bees which help pollinate fruiting plants. However, an equally vital benefit is attracting insects which will prey on and control pest insects such as aphids. Giving these beneficial insects an environment in which to thrive helps ensure a healthy balance in your garden and can dramatically reduce the need for sprays to control problem pests.

Beneficial Bugs include Green Lacewings, Predatory Mites, Honey Bees & Native Bees, Predatory Wasps, Ladybirds & Hoverflies. Click through for pictures and some plant suggestions for attracting beneficial bugs.
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Jan 282016

Galvanised Raised Garden Beds (Photograph by Bulleen Art & Garden)

Raised Garden Beds allow you to grow your own herbs and vegetables easily and comfortably. It doesn’t matter what your existing soil quality is like, you can now grow in quality, productive and water efficient soil and cut out most of the back-breaking digging.

The soil will never become compacted and your produce garden will produce healthier crops. You will also be conserving water and recycling organic household waste, not to mention the satisfaction of feeding your family from your own home produce. They are lightweight and easily moved around your garden when they are empty… perfect for renters who want to grow their own produce. Just empty them and take them with you when you move.

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Jan 272016

Summer holidays may be over, but summer itself is not. I spent several weekends over January replacing my spray system with a drip system. Much easier than I anticipated, now I feel a bit of a twit for avoiding that job for two years. Twit factor aside, I am looking forward to some relief from water bills as the efficiency of the drippers kicks in, but the main benefit will be a better distribution of water. As the garden grew the plants kept blocking the spray patterns leaving dry patches in the garden, I was constantly increasing the height of the sprays, drippers avoid that problem entirely. Roll on February, looking forward to using my new system!

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Jan 262016

Have you tried composting but always have putrid problems with it?
Is turning over the compost regularly a pain to do?
Do you wonder if there is a good way of getting rid of meat scraps or chicken fat?
Is getting the compost out of the bin too awkward and heavy for you?
Do you live in a house with only a small garden?
Does your worm farm resemble a scientific experiment with lots of other creepy-crawlies enjoying it too?
These are just some of the shortcomings which put people off dealing with organic household wastes.
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Jan 182016

Water gardens and ponds are great additions to any garden – creating focal points, cooling the air and providing valuable water sources to our native animals. Summer is a great time to create a new water garden, or get your existing pond looking great. Many of the water plants, particularly the lilies and lotus, are coming into flower… and the hot days mean getting a little wet in the process can be lots of fun. BAAG has over 50 varieties in stock, including water lilies, water lotus, water oxygenators, ornamentals, pond marginals and edible water plants, and with 50% off our entire range of water plants this weekend there is no better time to start!

Free talk by Water Garden expert Richard Bell

Join us on Sunday the 24th at 10:30am for a free talk and Q&A on all things Aquatic by Richard Bell. Richard is one of Australia’s foremost Water Garden experts and is sure to inspire you all! No bookings are necessary, just turn up a little before the talk.

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Jan 132016

Connect, Grow, Eat, Enjoy!

Nillumbik and Banyule Councils are holding the Home Harvest Feast for the fifth year. The feast is a celebration of home grown produce and local food. All growers are invited to celebrate in the harvest and the joys of local food by sharing a delicious community meal created by trained cooks using your home or community-grown produce.
What does it involve?

* Register to grow and supply the produce for the Home Harvest Feast.
* Spend the summer growing the produce and in the week leading up to the Feast donate some in return for your tickets.
* Attend the Feast on 28 February 2016 and enjoy a delicious meal and great day!

Registrations and more information at http://www.nillumbik.vic.gov.au/Environment/Home-Harvest-Feast-2016

Jan 102016

There are some wonderful gift ideas in our current exhibition for those that prefer to own a piece of artwork over mass-produced gifts. The exhibition runs until Christmas Eve and features many of the artists who regularly exhibit work at BAAG. Click through to see more pics.
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Jan 102016

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden

A beautiful garden makes outdoor entertaining all the more inviting. Longer days along with summer festivities make the garden a perfect extension to your indoor space. Prepare for a lovely time outside this summer. There are plenty of things that you can do in the garden, think summer, think colour.

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Dec 092015

If you are after a more sustainable gift idea this Christmas, have a look at these fantastic products from Wozwaste. We have a range of bowls, decorations and bracelets in stock at the moment. They are made from recycled paper and tyre inner tubes and they look fantastic.

The supplier, Wozwaste, employ home-based artisans in Indonesia and they operate using Fair Trade practices. All materials used are reclaimed waste products.
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Dec 012015

We have a great range of amazing gifts in stock at the moment that have been hand-crafted in Mexico. You’ll find cushions and blankets, fiesta flags, candles and a selection of gorgeous Day of the Dead figurines. Perfect presents for those who like something a little different.

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Nov 252015

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden

Sweetcorn is a pleasure to grow over the hot months of summer. When the wind blows the stalks rattle and rustle and the prairie calls… hang on, you’re standing in your backyard in Melbourne. It is an absolute pleasure to wrest a cob from the stalk and if you can’t be bothered throwing it into a pot of boiling water or onto the BBQ, you can just munch the milky goodness where you stand, in your pyjamas, your boots and your Stetson hat of course.

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