Mar 302015

BAAG Trading Hours over Easter

We’re open every day of the Easter and ANZAC Day holiday period. That’s right, both the nursery and the shop will be open for business so you can take advantage of the last long weekends of autumn, while the landscape supplies yard will be open and delivering. However, we do recommend getting any delivery orders in early, as we’re often extremely busy during these holiday periods. For BAAG’s trading hours head to

Good Friday – Nursery, Shop and Landscape Supplies 9:00am – 5:30pm
Easter Saturday – Landscape Supplies: 8:00am – 5:30pm, Nursery and Shop: 9:00am – 5:30pm
Easter Sunday – Nursery, Shop and Landscape Supplies 9:00am – 5:30pm
Easter Monday – Nursery, Shop and Landscape Supplies 9:00am – 5:30pm
ANZAC Day – Nursery, Shop and Landscape Supplies 9:00am – 5:30pm

Mar 302015

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden
I know our customer base is a pretty savvy and well informed one, but this is always re-enforced in March and April as sales of our native plants soar.  Our customers are well aware that this is the ideal time to plant natives and all of a sudden I am doubling orders for natives as they walk off the bench. The weather can still provide us with warm days in April, but without the hot sun and with rain happening or imminent it’s an ideal time for gardening and planting. Now is also the perfect time to start preparing your winter vegie patch. There’s plenty to do in the garden in April, so put summer behind you and get cracking!

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Mar 222015

'Lach's Lovely Hand' © Bulleen Art & Garden

The pH of the soil is important in so far as certain elements, vital for plant function and growth, can only be accessed by the plant within a certain pH range. Outside this range the nutrients become “locked” by the soil and so the plant does not thrive. Soil pH is easy to test for with test kits, available from Bulleen Art and Garden; or you can bring a sample of soil from your garden to the nursery and have it tested for you.
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Mar 162015

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden
It is relatively easy to create a wetland habitat in your backyard that will attract frogs. The transportation of tadpoles from one area to another is prohibited, but if you want to have some amphibian friends in your backyard, just create a frog friendly environment and they will move in.
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Feb 252015

Photo © Bulleen Art and Garden
Bulleen Art and Garden ran Harvest Festival Vegetable Competition as part of their Harvest Celebrations this year. And the winners were…

* biggest pumpkin/gourd was awarded to Katrina, on behalf of St John’s Community Garden, for their impressive butternut
* the pumkin/gourd with the most personality went to Ms Rachel Bishop, with her large orange pumpkin grown from a secret seed source
* natures mishaps. Well, lets just say the students of Our Lady of the Pines Garden Club more than deserved an award as their Pumpkin, which was clearly in the running for the biggest pumpkin, was vandalized in an “unnatural tragedy”. Clearly an Atlantic Giant.

All three winners received a $100.00 gift voucher from BAAG, which will hopefully take them into the next growing season.
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Feb 182015

Commonly known as Pandan, the Pandanus amaryllifolius is a strappy tropical plant widely grown for its use in asian cooking. It is a low growing plant to 1m with bright green blade like leaves and woody aerial roots.

In their native tropical environment Pandan plants grow in humid and wet conditions. In Melbourne, therefore, they need to be grown in a warm partly sunny (not western sun) spot with no frost in order to survive, as they will suffer if the temperature drops below 10 degrees. The most practical way to grow Pandan in Melbourne is in a pot. This way the climate and water can be controlled throughout the year, and the pot can be brought inside in winter to avoid the cold weather. Allow the plant to dry out a little in winter as this is their natural dry season. Pandans will benefit from a regular fertilising in the warmer months as well as watering with a seaweed solution to boost growth. If plant becomes pot bound, the best time to re-pot is in summer with a good quality, well draining potting mix.

If your Pandan is looked after through the Melbourne winter it will reward you with fresh leaves for many years!

Feb 012015

Summer holidays may be over, but summer itself is not. We got through early January incredibly well, cool and damp for the most part, difficult for tomatoes, but easy for watering.  Then summer began, we had shade cloth strung out all over the nursery to try and protect plants from the ferocious heat. In that sort of heat, it is essential to protect as many of your plants as possible, and keep up the water.  Pot plants may need to be watered three times a day – the heat and wind pulls the water out and they can dry out in a few hours.

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Jan 262015

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden

January 8th to February 15th 2015. Jenie Yolland is one of Melbourne’s most highly regarded original glass artists. Her designs are directly inspired by nature and include soaring clouds, heart-warming sunsets, glistening raindrops on gum leaves and even a macro photograph of chlorophyll cells. Read More.

Jan 212015

50% off BAAG’s entire range of water plants this Australia day weekend!

Friday 23rd – Monday 26th January

Water gardens and ponds are great additions to any garden – creating focal points, cooling the air and providing valuable water sources to our native animals. Summer is a great time to create a new water garden or get your pond looking great. Many of the water plants, particularly the lilies and lotus are coming into flower and the hot days mean getting a little wet in the process is fun. BAAG has over 50 varieties in stock including water lilies, water lotus, water oxygenators, ornamentals, pond marginals and edible water plants.

To find out more about how to make your own aquatic oasis head to our Aquatic Plants factsheet at

Free Pond Maintenance Talk

Join Angelo on Friday the 23rd of January at 11am for an informative talk on how to best care for your pond. Learn how to keep your fish and plants healthy and happy using non-chemical, environmentally friendly techniques. Angelo will provide tips and tricks on selecting and re-potting pond plants, dealing with excessive algae outbreaks and maintain a healthy pond ecosystem.

Free Design Talk – Using plants to repel mosquitoes, flies and unwanted insects

Nothing can spoil a great BBQ more than an aerial assault from flies and mozzies. Before lighting scores of eye watering scented candles and pulling out the bug spray that gives everything a slight metallic taste, come down to BAAG and learn about using insect repelling plants in the garden.

Join us for a free design talk on Monday the 26th of January at 11am with BAAG’s senior horticulturalist Joy Froebel where you will find out which plants can help to repel mosquitoes, flies and other unwanted insects. Learn how the plants do it and pick up tips on how to use them in your garden as a part of your overall design.

Jan 012015

Saturday 7th March until Sunday 15th March

Autumn is a wonderful time to be in the garden. The extreme heat has all but gone and vegie patches are overflowing with their summer crops. There really isn’t much for us gardeners to complain about. We celebrate edible gardening all year round at BAAG, but the Harvest Festival is the one week of the year that we really cut loose and party hard… in an edible kinda way.

Come down and help us celebrate the splendour and seasonal bounty of fresh local produce at BAAG’s annual Autumn Harvest Festival. Join us for 9 days of fantastic events and specials, all guaranteed to get you gardening enthusiastically and, most importantly, growing your own food. Read on for a list of specials and events!
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Dec 232014
Ms K

Ms K, off to the theatre, for a production she didn’t book for, in an outfit she never would have chosen, tragic!

While in her garden last Wednesday evening, one of our members was tending her pumpkins when she tripped over some irrigation pipe and smashed her left knee cap.  Ms K, aged 21 (hmm hmmm), who wishes to remain anonymous, managed to track down a friend who hadn’t yet retired for the evening, who popped in, took one look at her knee and declared “It’s off to hospital for you”.  Five days later she was released with a pair of crutches, a collection of bathroom aides and a clutch purse full of painkillers.

“This is a major blow to my chances in this coming years Pumpkin Growing Contest” says Ms K, who had her hopes set on winning a prize for her “Pumpkin with the most Natural Personality”.  Ms K claims she had an advantage, by using a compost recipe which has been handed down through at least one family generation, which is made up of one part animal manure (exact animal species list undisclosed) and two thirds Gardening Australia back issue magazines, Peter Cundall only.  She also claims to have had great success in the past with playing her pre recorded cassette tapes of John Lawes talkback radio during the dormant hours of night, to ward off any pests and diseases.

Ms K continues “I had also planned a pagan fertility sacrifice ritual, vegetarian option of course, for the summer solstice”, but her plans were cut short due to her unfortunate accident – the intended sacrificial eggplant will now be left to ripen for an Autumn ratatoui instead.  Ms K says that the incident has made her rethink her whole approach to her pumpkin feeding regime, and has now opting for one that uses a “slow release” fertiliser, while she recovers at home in anticipation for the Harvest Feast in March 2015.

Dec 082014

Photo © James F Carter - Used under Creative Commons Licence
Caper Bush (Capparis spinosa) are just taking off in Melbourne as we are now able to supply them (well, at least over the summer months). Even if you are not interested in the culinary aspect of capers, the bush itself is a low spreading perennial (winter deciduous) with tough rounded green leaves that provide a backdrop to lovely flowers with clean pink or white petals surrounding a spray of purple stamens. They really are a very attractive plant.
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Dec 052014

Photo © Bulleen Art & Garden
5th – 24th December. We are once again celebrating Christmas in the gallery with an interesting and diverse range of work by over 10 different artists for our Christmas exhibition including metal and ceramic sculpture, baskets, prints and paintings. Read More. This will be followed by a new exhibition by glass artist Jenie Yolland in the gallery from 7th January to 15th February 2015.